How much does your EK9 weigh?

I have an ej9 (1.4) and it weighed 1020kg with half tank of petrol and full interior etc, nothing was taken out. I was impressed thought it would have been much heavier tbh. It's a top spec model with sunroof, electrical everything etc...apart from aircon.

The reason why EJ9 and EK2,3,4 weighs less is because EK9 has heavier and stronger chassis and sussy parts.

For example, I was comparing my EK9 to my friends EK1 K20a hatch, when we looked under the car, many notifcable parts were different is sizes and thickness.

-EK9 Front LCA is 3 times fatter and thicker.
-Sway bars are thicker
-Brakes, rotors are bigger
-Stock wheels weigh more than EK2 stock wheels being bigger and wider.
-Some parts of the Chassis strengthened and thicker + reinforced
-Engine + LSD tranny is heavier
-Recaros are heavier than stock seats

There a few more but EK9 saves on the insulation and other minor stuff. When you buy an EK9 new, depending on what you want to remove or have extra, the range is between 1040kgs - 1099kgs according to my brochure
Thats another thing! My brakes weigh a TON

300mm Twin pots from an ATR aint Light! haha!
My race car EK9 weighs just over 900kg, and thats WITH 10 point roll cage, 330mm front brakes (HEAVY!), and 17x8 wheels (with really heavy rubber), but almost everything else removed ;) Still got door trims though, but the windows are now polycarbonate glazing (except for front).

Oh, and two (2) seats :nice:
mine is with every option including folding mirrors. abs, srs aircon etc. and 1/4 tank with fuel, 1100 kg's
I took mine out, can`t say noticeable in handling but defo the noise from the fuel pump was more noticeable. But they are heavy. round 15kg`s.
The rear seats are NOT 15kg, they are maybe a push
Both parts of the rear seats are probably around 12kg ish

5kg is piss all. Front brake discs for a Jag X-type are 15kg as a kit, i carry those up and down stairs each day and the whole rear seat inc bolts and brackets are a little bit lighter than that kit.
just weighted mine and my car is 1040 kg :)
i need diet !!:nerv:
i removed only the rear seats
no spare tire etc
half tank of fuel
no airbags
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Just had my 98 spec Teg weighed... 940kg!

Rear fully stripped and A/C removed with about £8 worth of fuel in :D
I Weighed my civic again with a full full tank of fuel


Not bad considering Cage and Full tank of fuel which is roughly about 78kg
A disc cutter and lots of hours getting covered in metal filings and dust :D

There is still some more to come out, but i'm getting lazy in my old age so it will be done after this season is finished as it involves removing the dash.

Heres a pic of what can be taken out of the standard bootlid.............


With a perspex screen its lighter than CF one, 20 times bloody cheaper and is about as sturdy as a soggy paper bag......job done :nice: