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  • Hello,I am actually searching and doing a research of which suspension should i go for. I mean, the best for both street and track. The road in my country was not so nice since there's a lot of rough roads and potholes in so many spots. I've been looking and reading at other users review and quite a lot of them said that Tein Mono Flex was so hard.
    So, i just wanna know, is it THAT hard on EK9? I'm driving a Civic EK9 with a JDM K20A engine. My front end was heavier than before because the K-Series engine is heavier than the previous B-Series. Am not sure what spring rates should i choose. I don't mind if it's a little hard as long as its not bumpy at all.
    Please..please give me some advice and please let me know a little more details about the Tein Mono Flex. Really don't wanna make mistakes on an expensive parts. I'd really want to get the new Ohlins DFV, but the price was sky high..
    Thanks mate for your time. I am truly sorry for taking a few minutes of your time.
    I search a valve cover 12310-P73-J00
    Can you say me the price including shipping for France.
    Please answer me by PM.

    Thank you.
    thats kool they can send it to my mates adress which is the paypal one or mine the one i gave you i dont mind whatevers easyer :)
    ello matey have'nt recivied the stickers yet paid for em over a week ago


    hi, ive been told that you can get oem civic type-r decals, do you know how much a rear one would be?

    i see that you have the tein SS with edfc and motors.

    how do you rate them?(thinking of buying)
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