Help me ASAP! Car DETAILING question!

Michael Flare

My Final Heaven
Mar 11, 2010
I've mentioned to you guys before that I clean my EK every single night that I drive the car. I use Meguiar's QUIK DETAILER to clean the spots like bugs and water stains every night. My local just ran out of the bottle I always use [red bottle on left] so I got Meguiar's ULTIMATE QUIK DETAILER [black bottle on the right] which is twice the price so this is my first time. For any of you who knows about this product, it's extremely famous. My QUESTION is: DO I SPRAY THIS ON MY CAR BEFORE OR AFTER I WAX IT? I need an answer asap because today is DECEMBER 1 and I wax my car the first day of every 3 months. btw, I just washed my car in case that info helps. Thank u so much!

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OH BABY! LET UR EK9 replica project begin!!! I have great hopes for u! I hope u will love ur car as much as I do every day! Good luck! =)
quick detailer has very little protection bud so its just a quick fix for dust/light marks etc to keep paint looking fresh.
Use it anytime as such as it wont strip your wax etc.
You can buy meguiars 'last touch' in big container(approx 4 litres) which you dilute down,this would be more cost effective for you maybe!