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  • Hi there, just wondering if you can source bwr rear lca bush for my ek? as the one i have has moved out of its place and not sure how that has happend?

    Many Thanks
    i'm interested for a pair of blackworks rear lower control arms (the street vertion) for civic ek 96-00 in silver color
    are these in stock ?
    can you ship to Greece ?
    please inform me about the shipping cost and the availability.
    thanks for your time .
    eternal blue 2000
    eternal blue 2000
    Few colours here,let me check postage cost also and I get back to you buddy.
    eternal blue 2000
    eternal blue 2000
    Really sorry for delay,only have army green here in Blackworks and black in Force 5.
    Hi, do you stock the bwr solid shifter bushings for b series? Thanks
    eternal blue 2000
    eternal blue 2000
    Sorry only seeing this now.
    Yea let me check but should be in stock.
    eternal blue 2000
    eternal blue 2000
    Yes can supply solid bushing kit for each end of linkage.
    hi just interested in a pair of the replacement front camber arm balljoints. do you still have these in stock? they are for my skunk2 arms :)
    Hello, your longer lca bolts for ek9.. Do they come with the metal inserts that push into the bush? Thanks
    eternal blue 2000
    eternal blue 2000
    Bolts come with bush for afternarket subframe just.
    Can get inserts for lca bush if your running aftermarket lca's.
    Hey mate, what are the chances of you having a non abs prop valve in stock came the end of this month ? moneys taken a hit this month lol also how must posted to Midlands uk ? Cheers .
    eternal blue 2000
    eternal blue 2000
    Nearly always in stock buddy.
    £43 posted is price so just contact me when ready.
    Hey dude, do you have any ZERG Industries bonnet dampers for a DC2 and a genuine blank Honda key in stock? If so, how much posed to Glasgow?
    Hey, just wondering what the Blackworks extended bolts are made from? Need a long bolt as sheared the captive nut on the subframe....not keen on using stainless steel and cant screw cut a bolt to this pitch easily. Hope you reply saying they are steel!!!
    Hi mate i spoke to you a few days ago regarding balljoints fitting buddyclub p1 arms

    the width of the complete balljoint is 66mm
    between the centre of the bolt holes is 55mm

    height of balljoint is 45mm
    between the bolts there os 25mm

    hope this fits :)

    let me know cheers mate

    hi pal , looking to buy a blackworks half size rad and fan off you (b series) could i have a price posted to tq137an? cheers
    Hello eternal blue 2000 did you start supplying the PLM shifters! kind regards
    I am looking for a lower rear brace and tiebar BWR in gold can you help? also I'll be needing the spacers and longer bolts to fit the tiebar along with the brace.
    okay cheers, could i have one of the black wiper deletes please

    19 buccleuch street
    la15 8be
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