ek9 brake upgrade kits


paul_os jdmboy
Nov 3, 2009
Ok Im wondering what's a good ek9 brake upgrade. I cant go for the DC5 Brembo because I plan on keeping 15" wheels. What's out there that allows me to run the 15's? Also the Spoon set up is out of my budget unfortunately. I like the look of the D2's but I'm not sure how good they are performance wise, I know a lot of people say D2/K-sport coilovers tend to go quite frequently and iv had first hand experience with this with my coilovers.

Im very interested to hear what setup's you'r running on your ek9's and what you think of them.

Paul :nice:
wilwood do seem like a good setup for the money haven't used on a civic but a mate runs them on a lupo gti and they seem to work well all the d2 k-sport stuff i've ever seen is pretty crap to be honest stick with the big names and you can't go wrong ap brembo alcon etc
havin a look at them here seems like nothin but good things to be said about them gonna look into them more cheers lads
What you want to bear in mind with the generic MIT crap is that the stock EK9 brakes are actually pretty powerful, I've seen some of those multi-piston calipers come in with less overall piston area than the stock EK9 calipers! :nono:

Why do you want to upgrade the brakes?
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The wilwood pad is slightly smaller than the stock 9 pad, but my god they brake so much harder and better!
Plus a set of Ferodo DS2500 pads cost £50 ! Not £100+ plus like they are for stock calipers
Currently have 2 sets left, or the complete set including front and rear discs, hoses and front pads for not a lot more than just the front setup :D
Updated pads is all you need, unless you are going FI or b20 / high power
And yes, the wilwoods have a larger piston area than the standard caliper. Standard caliper has a total area of 2570mm^2, the Wilwoods have a total piston area of 3111mm^2 :)
Cheaper. :)
They're 4 pots. The Wilwoods have larger pistons so they have a larger area pushing on the pads.
I think the Spoons use the same pads as the standard calipers so are slightly larger, but the Wilwoods are around £200 cheaper, and the pads are around 1/2 the price for the same compound.
The Wilwoods would be a good choice :nice: Only I think you will need Team Dynamics Pro 1.2 if you want to stick to 15". But not sure about this.
The Wilwoods for the 282mm discs fit behind the standard EK9 wheels