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Apr 4, 2016
So looking into buying an ek9 but alot of them within my budget have pretty rough seats in them.

Anyone know if they hard to clean or even can be cleaned?

If they can any tips or tricks on cleaning them

Photo of the seats in the ek9 im currently looking at


not sure what the carpets are like they dont look too bad from the photos, if yous know good ways to clean them too let me know just for future ref
one or two washes with a wet vac and some cleaning solution will bring them back to life depending on how dirty your seats are. mine weren't dirty to look at but the water I sucked out was horrid! it definitely helps to freshen them up!

They come up like new if done as said , and if you have bolster wear, ebay sell bolsters to spruce them up even more .
If you have a place to dry them and are a bit adventurous you can do what I did - get some woolite, soak them and jet wash them. Mine were really bad and turned out very very clean. Jet washing didn't do any damage, our cat when I was drying them home did lol