1. si8pny

    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9

    FUJITSUBO RM-01A Exhaust for civic ek4/9 been modified to fit a k swap In good condition slight scrape to the mid box and the rear tip has the smallest of dents not noticeable once fitted. New these are £800 -£1,000 that's if you can even find them for the ek civic. Due to the scrapes and the...
  2. ek9_jamie

    Track day exhaust

    Hi All, I think this has been covered numerous times but I’m wondering what exhausts people use on track? I was inbetween with the RM01A and Twin Loop but keep hearing that the Twin Loop is heavy and too restrictive. Any help is appreciated.
  3. ColbyCol

    Various OEM and Aftermarket B Series / EK9 parts for sale

    Item for sale: Genuine OEM EK9 & Aftermarket parts Reputation: https://www.ek9.org/index.php?threads/colbycol-feedback.73021/ Price: As listed below... Paypal?: Yes, buyer covers the fees OR cash on collection but will require a deposit to hold items. Location: Ruislip, NW London Condition: All...
  4. Jake Renton

    Quick question on my Ek9?

    Hello, after a couple of months of having my Ek9 relatively loud, I want to go quiet again. So I'm looking for some quick advise on gasket sizes, I am having to order them online (Tegiwa) as no garage around me stocks import car parts. So, I'm needing a gasket from the: - manifold to the...
  5. King Sir

    Js Racing exhaust wanted Eg6

    As above Let me know what ye have please :)
  6. akeen666

    Skunk2 Exhaust manifold

    Has anyone got a Skunk2 B-Series Alpha exhaust manifold ? Is it any good in comparison to OEM or other Aftermarket ones ? Any recommendations ?