1. AjaxGixx

    Planning to rebuild a B16

    Good day everyone, after 270.000 kilometers, I'm planning to rebuild my B16A2. My optimistic vision wants to build an affordablish engine with the power of a spicy B16B, or maybe, near to a B18C (I know will not be the same thing, but...). Even so I want to put an LSD and I'am a little bit...
  2. Haydo224

    B16A2 help?!

    Hi I have an ej9 which has a full ek4 conversion, I have been offered B18C type r cams but was wondering would there be much of a point installing them without an Ecu (P28 etc). I’ve also sourced an ek9 ecu and was wondering would the cams and ek9 ecu paired make much of a difference. Thanks
  3. Adamek4sir

    My new 2000 ek4 sir 2 jdm import

    Bought this gem recently Honda civic Ek4 sir ii Every factory extra Modulo sideskirts wheels and exhaust (honda optional factory extras Only 140000km 2nd owner in Ireland Mint condition inside n out
  4. B-SerialRacer

    civic ek4 highflow cat questions

    Hi everyone! My name is Aris and I 'm totally new in this forum. The last 12 years I own a '99 civic ek4 vti with 175.000km on it. It has basic mods and bolt-ons such us: Bilstein B6 suspension HR springs Spoon torque damper oem airbox with a k&n drop in filter Accel spark plug wires 54mm...
  5. King Sir

    Help With turbo Build Please

    Well lads :nice: In process of building a b16 turbo im going to list what i have i would appreciate if ye could help me with the list :nono: My goal is 280-300bhp Standard internals Cheers to anyone that helps. Heres what i have b16a2 with new headgasket TB Oil pump Water pump and all...
  6. coreyxpartridge

    Black Preface EJ6 Coupe - Track/Fast Road

    I had a thread on here before (Corey’s SSB EK4 VTI), for my old EK4 which I bought, drove for a year and then took off the road for a full resto. During the space of 6-8 months I stripped the car to pieces in my workshop at home. I got robbed :angry2: so I started renting a proper unit, then I...
  7. Zaid Loonat

    147.7 BHP ON DYNO ! HELP !

    hey guys. Took my 75k miles civic ek4 Jordan b16a2 for dyno runs yesterday and it only ran 147 bhp It has few bolt on mods and one of previous owner was using it as a track car .... * AEBS INTAKE MANIFOLD (from the states) *421 manifold and full exhaust system with decat pipe I thought it...
  8. terribleoness

    B16A2/EJ9 power steering issue

    Hi guys, Relatively urgent one this, got an MOT on Monday. I've been searching through the forum to find something that'll help me with this but I'm not having much luck. Ive got an B16A2 engine in an EJ9, with an EJ9 steering rack still fitted. The whole power steering system has been pretty...
  9. hek4

    B18C6 into EK4

    Hi! I have a Civic EK4 from 1998, it runs a B16a2 and a p2t ecu (OBD2a). I want to replace my engine with a B18C6. I know I need a JDM p73 ecu. I have some questions because I am not sure that everything will fit fine: 1) Can I use the b16 loom? I know the IAT temperature sensor wont fit...
  10. Wildjames123

    Good Condition Cylinder Head Wanted B16B B16A2

    Hi Guys, I'm after a good condition B16a2 or B16b cylinder head (preferably never skimmed) Contact me on 07711783309 if you can help Cheers James
  11. Camy-rex

    b16a2 with ek9 ecu 0bd2a loom swap help

    hey guys looking for a bit of help as a cant seem to find a straight answer on the net.. at the end of the month im picking up a b16a2 to swap into my ed9 crx..the engine is running with an ek9 ecu and obd2a loom.. will the full obd2 loom work with my crx and is there any conversion harnesses...
  12. coreyxpartridge

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    Today I picked up my first VTI. I've been looking for nearly a year for the right one and this popped up 20 minutes from my house. I'm super, super happy. It's a facelift, EK4 VTI in Super Sonic Blue. I bought the car with some modifications such as Tein coilovers, spoon replica full exhaust...