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    Best NA rods for b18c6

    Manley H beam or if budget allows Carrillo Pro-SA.
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    B16b injectors

    Fuel rail won't bolt up to your intake manifold. You can buy top hats to make the K series injectors fit your B series fuel rail. Ktuned sell these.
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    EK9 Spoon ECU or Programmable ECU with B16B basemap

    B16A Spoon Ecu vs Custom tuned OBD1 Ecu.
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    EK9 Spoon ECU or Programmable ECU with B16B basemap

    The best option is always a custom tuned Ecu. I believe I done a back to back test of Spoon Ecu vs Custom tuned obd1 Ecu some time ago, can't remember if I posted in on here or not - will try locate it.
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    High compression B18 + cam choice

    I've setup 24XX cams on a b18c with Wiseco 12.5:1 pistons and there was no issues with clearance. Providing the cams are degreed correctly and Ecu tuned correctly it will idle nice and smooth.
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    High compression B18 + cam choice

    Go 12.5:1 on the pistons for those cams.
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    Camshaft info

    Turbo specs?! Unless you are shooting for over 500bhp a set of Type R cams is probably your best choice.
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    compression ratio

    A higher static compression will yield more HP per PSI of boost than the lower CR engine. If you are in the UK and plan to use the likes of Shell V power(99 octane) then for sure build the motor to 10.0:1 CR.
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    Has anyone used these K-swap exhaust manifolds?

    Have tuned car's with both, power-wise there won't be any great difference between either and there should not be any fitment issues.
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    Hondata s300 or link injectors

    We tune Link Ecu's on all different kind of cars weekly, very good Ecu's. Your 550cc injectors will be good as maxed out at 400bhp so best to upgrade. I suggest you go with Bosch EV14 style injectors, i.e Grams 750cc, ID725 etc...
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    Lowering Comp for Turbo

    No mention of a power goal?
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    Who's still about?

    I am certainly not as active as I once used to be on here, or any other forum for that matter. Unfortunately work tends to consume most my time nowadays. Nice to see some old user names that I recognize still posting on here.
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    Black RX project

    Very nice.
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    Good 60ft. Boost by gear? Looks like you could dial some more boost/power into 3rd and 4th gear. Your trap speeds are a little shy for a 500bhp car!