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  • Hi mate, I was wondering if you wanna sell just the legalis back box? ???? If so Please give me a price for them.... Thanks
    A complete pain in the minge! All i can say is cut slow! And cut small! I got my from
    Accessory zone, alans a good guy you should check him out
    yeah tht was my7 exhaust wht does the pic look like akky done it for me ? i cant access it lol
    iv done mostly everything excpet not touched engine lol !

    aww did u not first thurs of each month at falkirk wheel lol
    yeahh bro. got insurance for 2k .... with mods lol
    yh il send u the number mail me on facebook n remind me yeah

    u werent at cruise last nyt lol ? few civics from here where there .. glasgow lot :) lol
    aww kk yh sometimes well go out crusing one day haha

    ehm not yet should be done for friday thoo lol
    i know insurance should be sorted within the next few days !! the cheapest quote i am geting is £3600 with mods ! ridicolous !!

    going either dwn to london to watch it or glasgow :p prbz glasgoww :) then out after it :D x
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