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  • Are your foggers the type that use the existing plugs on the cars loom or wires straight through the bulkhead?
    Id pm you but not enough posts yet

    Edit: Dosnt matter found a link that explained it all
    Doesn't sound too good, I thought as much lol really want them but dunno if i can be arsed with yellow ones need to investigate ;)
    Cool, where is he from?
    Nah not yet, will stick it up on eBay now. Was tryin to stay away from the place but needs must... I need the beans lol
    Haha yeah mate might have been me, I live in alva not actually stirling but still i am still cuttin about the area most days
    You don't happen to know anybody who wants a midi moto do you? haha
    It defo is man haha!
    Awrite, im sure you'll see me about at somepoint lol what you driving?
    Haha aye man, I use this one a lot more. The people are a lot more friendly haha
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