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  • yhh i knw her lol !!
    my insurance is out today lol not gt my car need to gt insurance sorted
    what u doing at weekend ?
    lol ehmm mostly glasgow tbh b .. falkirk is pish so is stirling but stilring is better lol
    yhh i know who u are im sure !

    looooll !! khairun as in lil khairun ! shes ur cuzz :L !! i didnt knw tht small worldd haha !!

    u go out alot ?
    loll kk same !! glasgow caledonian yh ?

    i didnt know u were asian lad ! lol
    yhh i seen u about im surree

    u knw anyother asian lads round ur way or tht ?
    glasgow caley by any chance ? im going there to do international business :)

    go glasgow both take civics up :p loool
    same age as me haha ... wht school did u go to ? i went to st modans :p

    lol my car was the exact same as urs lol ... exact mate .. i still went thts how u get ideas etc .. :p
    kk mate il give u tht number ..

    but yh dont risk not insuring it few ma mates lost their civic due to it :( n one was minted i lol ...
    kk mate il accept when im on ;)
    looked around cheapest i found was £2500 booked it today under my dads name with mods ... wasnt happy but it had to do

    then listen to this lol ... got a letter after my booking from old insurance company saying they cant transfer my dads 9 years no claims to my new policy and has to stay with them !! wtf ! now im in a situation i just booked new insurance paid my deposit but will be unvalid in like a week . al lose out money now and i need to do it again with no claims n chepest am geting is 3K ! lol

    not happy so just watch wht u do mate ... if ur on your own name as insurer not under ur parents il give u a number to call thyl beat any quote aslong as you have 1 years no claims ;) had to write in two bits lol was too big ha
    aww kk mann i know ul pik up recarso with rails for bout 550 decent condition of here mate thts wht i done ... just ordered them lol

    aww kk hahahaa well good luck i was in the exact same situation !

    my insurance renewal is tomorow lol serious !! my car was insured last year for £1400 under my dads name with no claims without mods .. i added wheels exhasut and lowering ... they said theyre not increasing it at the moment but when renewal it would go up a couple hundred maybe if any ...

    got a letter 2 days ago saying theyr not taking me on due to mods chepest quote they recomended was £5100 !! loool i was raging !
    aww kk mann i used to go falkirk college last year

    i know tel me bout it ! saving when ur a student !!
    but i ordered recaros so waiting on them coming :p

    then geting my spray paint job next month then thtl do for nw ... then maybe save up for engine swap lol

    u got facebook ? add me zeshan ahmad....
    u declare ur mods btw lol ?
    awryt ayee i knw where tht kind off iss lol

    im from denny u might no it

    k got a very similar civic mines used to look very similar to yours but done alot to it since .. gona put pics up soon :)
    alryt mate .... im new to this but u stay near me so added you :p ... u frm stiling yhh ? tht ur silver civic yh ?
    hey mate, just wnadered if you could pop a lil message in my reputation thread thingy, just to boost my chances of selling more stuff.
    cheers mate
    hi, im selling my ek9 type r if you no anyone after one, firber glass wings, firber glass bonnet, firber glass boot, photos on my page bud.. thanks
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