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    B18C4 Help

    Personally I would get a OBD2B to OBD1 conversion harness. The MB6 ecu uses OBD1 plugs despite being OBD2A. This will allow it to be plug and play. The MB6 ecu will have an immobilizer so you will either need the key and transponder from the MB6 or immobilizer will need to be removed from the...
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    Innovative Engine Mounts

    What are the mounts like in regards to vibration compared to stock?
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    Best Honda Mappers

    @Vtec6000 without a doubt. I'm sure many others on here will agree.
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    Timing Light Reccomendations

    Got a cheap Gunson one that I only needed for one use. Still working perfect 4 years later with plenty of use.
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    This is blowing my mind...

    Is it an AP1 cluster? I was running the same set up in my previous EK9. Still have all the bits. You're welcome to try my cluster to see if it's that.
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    Champ white ek9 drivers door

    I have a door Rob. Will drop you a message on Facebook.
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    Somewhere in Scotland Sometime Soon

    Is this a static meet or you going for a run somewhere? Might pop down after work.
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    B16a2 Hesitating/Bogging

    Check tps and map sensor plugs are plugged into right sensors. They can plugged into each other as it's same plug.
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    Look what the catch can dragged in...

    As @jesse888 says the moisture in the catch can can't boil off when it sits in there. When it's drained back into sump the water gets boiled off along with any moisture in sump.
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    B16 Turbo or K?

    Have a turbo B18 myself too and seriously considering going K20 as miss being n/a and having to work for the power.
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    robthedoc's ek9 turbo, adventures in boost!

    Glad you got it all sorted. Power is mega. What's it like to drive?
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    Can someone who's brain works better than mine confirm this...

    Are you using the eld pin on the ecu for your wideband? If so maybe try disconnecting the resistors mentioned to see if that works.
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    Can someone who's brain works better than mine confirm this...

    I have heard of people mentioning that it's best to ground the aem wideband in the same place as the ecu I. E. The thermostat. Also have heard of people having to remove resistors r136 and r138 to read correct voltage as stated on the hondata forums. I would try changing the ground point first...
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    robthedoc's ek9 turbo, adventures in boost!

    I'm also in on 10th :nice:Looks like won't get to see @robthedoc build in person after all.
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    robthedoc's ek9 turbo, adventures in boost!

    Just read your thread. Very impressive @robthedoc. I take it you and @LoganK are being mapped by Aonghus on the 10th? I'm booked in with him too. Will be good to see it in person.