Update on H-swap EK

So today evening is tackling the interior, going from the rear to the front. So I going wire wheel to bare metal in sections.

The spare tire part (before)

After wire wheeling.

So i'm gonna be applying opsho after I brush and breeze out the dust. Apply the self-itch primer in after the ospho has done it's thang and then when that fully coated I will apply Epoxy paint over the primer and have it bake in just exactly like what I achieved with the front wheel wells and then I can go head and put in my carpet and button up other interior parts and then I may tackle the exterior.
So yesterday I was a bit busy but got to cleaning up the trunk area and spray the self-etch primer.



So the initiate plan is to work my way to the front, do the same process there and then I may put in my carpet, panels and headliner.
Evening kind folks,

I started wire wheeling the flooring so i can search and destroy any rust found so enjoy.

This is before the work is started, as you can see, each has it's setting of surface rust.:megusta:

What I found under the moulding so kind of glad I decide to do this and will be taking care of it once I do the wheel alignment.

Just a quick do over this morning before i transitioned to the passenger side

Before wire wheel

After. All 4 spots have been wirebrushed and now for the ospho bath.


As you can see, the E-Brake has been disconnected and out of the way so every where may get sorted. Thats all for now!


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I went to do a few deliveries and got home at 12pm but finally came at the car at 3pm.

Ospho cleaned up and decide do a finally sweep before applying the self-etch primer on.

We are completed on the driver side.



Will commence on tomorrow side since I may have deliveries and have to get 1 more can of primer to complete the passenger side and get a can of VHT Epoxy spray paint so i can finally complete the bottom. Along with the welding so carpet may go in.
Really impressed by the lengths your going to with this, keep it up :beer:
Inspired by you bro:cool:

Plus its good to have it sorted from now than having to pull down again later and alot of people are watching incase I decide to sell (which I won't be:troll:)
These were done yesterday, got busy forgot to post.

It's spraying time.

passenger side is now complete:run:



So going to make it bake in a bit more and at the very moment hook back up fueling system and start connecting back up the harness. I know I will be needing a new battery since I haven't done an amp test on the one i currently have.

Today chronicles were looking a fitting to connect from the FPR>Tank.

After 30mins, finally found a setup that could work. A new male union with a 45 degree swivel fitting. No photo but will be waking up to deal with it.

Take care!
Got up at 6am to this since no work today.


Harness in but not plug in anything as yet.

So I finally spray the spot where the E-Brake is bolt down so sunday I can bolt it back down but not before it's finally cured which takes 48 hours so by 9/10am it should be cured.


So everything should be good until i do a full sweep on sunday have everything fully sprayed.
So i continued and finish the driver, both passenger and rear side except the trunk. Gotta do some spot welds then will be buttoning up things.




So eager to place in the carpet right now.:woot:
Pleasant sunday morning to you all.

Been busy the past 5 days but while i was working, manage to get someone to cut the intake for me. Not the best but believe me, it not easy cutting with a grinder.



Now to measurehow much I would need to reduce off the manifold before welding back.


So i've decided to do 2 inch in the photo below, was considering to settle at 1½ but ofcourse I'll enough space so the Throttle Body cupling can clear the CMC and clearance for the TPS sensor and I should be in the clear.
Good Morning all,

Sorry i'm just getting to post, got off at 2am this morning from work.

Alright so back to car related stuff:run:
So the welding company called me yesterday at midday saying my intake was complete, went down to collect it so here are the shots.






Now the appearance is not that appealing but on the engineering side, i'm content as well I eliminated two(2) problems which was the TPS sensor touching the firewall and the intake coupling not being able to get in for the CMC spot so that problem is fixed.

The now situation is I have to port the runners out so there wont be any turbulence and have steady airflow so luckly my pal who also have a H swap EK (who i've met in 2021) is doing a turbo build and been doing porting so he say he has no problem achieving this for me so again, all will be good once it's complete, once the intake is complete, it's button up time with the harness and get a new battery.
love them trucks, dont get them that big here in the UK

Was there not a H series manifold that would fit? No experience with them at all
love them trucks, dont get them that big here in the UK

Was there not a H series manifold that would fit? No experience with them at all
Thanks bro, trust me i enjoy driving them.

Yeah i could go stock or the EuroR manifold but i'm unsure if my fuel rail can bolt up to it and with the TB i have, decide to try and stick it with the skunk2 manifold, it was a bit tricky but maybe i've fell on something.

Just wish skunk2 would have 2 choices with the manifolds like if you vehicle came with the h22a with a big engine bay or doing a swap where the runners aren't so long but this is a old motor and everybody is going to K series so it makes sense to focus on the K part.
Hey guys, sorry for no update much, been doing alot of water pressure testing and cleaning and fitting in the left rear side panel on the car, got another ek (off-road) to take parts out of to button mines and my cousin who has a matte black one he's trying to button up. No photos at the time but will do once my health is good cause friday i happen to had a episode i had to be in the hospital for 2 nights
Found me a cap out from the prelude to use
So just need alittle cork to place in the middle to prevent wet conditions.


Left side is on here