Update on H-swap EK

Goodnight Guys,

Today chronicles were on cleaning headlight support bracket. They came off the EK which is getting dismantle so save me on having to order and wait :)) .







So this is the right side now.


The aftermath of wire brushing.

Pretty much gave it a nice opsho bath after the sanding make it do it's thang for 24 hours and then get it prep for painting!
Quick update!:naughty:

Rear seats are in.



The one on the right which would be on the left is sitting down was exposed to the sun so that's why it looks a bit faded so hopefully some steam cleaning can fix that. About to go down to drop the brackets to get clean up and spray up.
Evening fellow car people,

Intake and Headlight brace brackets are back.

Intake is ported out.

A weld wasnt done properly so gonna sort this out later before bolting back on.


Tomorrow is a public holiday so will be fitting those up but the heat is unbearable.
Soooooo today i decided to do some work at my buddy Venom.
Still take a few little items out of this to button mines up.
(My office in the background):run:

Attempting to clean out the condensor.


Never had the proper brush for scrubbing but did the best i did, needed the CRC degreaser for that to work it's magic.


Looks to be a good fit, just gotta sort the hoses for proper fitment and have my pal that can tuck a/c lines.

Clutch Slave Cylinder needed cleaning since been sitting down for so long so you know your boy had to hit the wire wheel on this.



Ofcourse it's in a ospho bath so will be prepping for paint this week.
Love the progress updates, keep them coming, car coming along great :woot:
Thanks bro, right now I cant get much done because we have so much mosquitoes swarming everywhere on the island :( need a indoor garage
In Ireland, we also need an indoor garage but it's just because of all the rain haha :)
Yeah bro, i'm looking when i start to build my house next year, i'm including a indoor garage to park both my car and dump truck in:naughty:

Right now for the caribbean it's hurricane season which starts from June 1st (which is ironically my oldest brother birthday as well) to November 30th. So their saying we may have a few hurricanes come by.
Sup guys, been super busy with my truck and work.



Oil pressure sensor broke with me while heading home so waiting on a ordered one since the dealership dont have any in stock which is complete ludacris because these are items that should be in stock! I'm still pretty heated about that.:yuno::mad:. But just what my week has been like.
So today while i was making a timelapse video for my youtube channel, i got a call from the machine shop saying the intake work was completed and i'm quite happy on the results.

2nd runner, nicely smooth (camera quality is bad on this one ik).

3rd runner, also completed with excellency

4th runner was also done neat

And the 1st runner was just completed when i arrived so weekend i'll be fitting things up when i'm free on getting my office back up.

Will have more photos up with fitment.
Truck looks cool as man! Hopefully you get fixed soon and the hurricanes dont do too much damage.

Those runners, it might just be the photo quality, but it looks like theyre still a bit rough where the welding has been done?
Truck looks cool as man! Hopefully you get fixed soon and the hurricanes dont do too much damage.

Those runners, it might just be the photo quality, but it looks like theyre still a bit rough where the welding has been done?
thanks man, can check out my latest video here

Oh nooooo bro they do, we had a CAT 5 hurricane back in sept 2004, destroyed the entire island. We too had a hurricane in july 2021 which was CAT 1, it took all the light poles on most of the island(this was when i had the motor out to respray on page 4 or 5.

The runners look rough but those photos were 2 hours before i picked it up so the gentlemen did a finally smoothing and clean up before he contacted me to pick up. The areas that were welded is where he focused more on smoothing those spots.

The tool he created to achieve this task.
Salutation good people,

Today chronicles are the following:
• Bleed the clutch
• Place intake manifold on
• Connect up Fuel lines and most of the harness
• Mend broken TPS sensor clip back together

First task was placing the IMF back up and then dealing with the TPS before connecting back on the TB. Somehow I should have waited and sort the sensor out before putting the manifold on but oh well its and easy fix.


I connected some of the harness not everything and then attempted to bleed the clutch but nothing is happening, line is like it's not taking anything. Gonna figure out why, if anybody has a s2k master, let me know what i gotta do.

Happy Father's Day all,
So today I took a break from work, decided to check out what's the problem with the clutch so pulled my slave and look what was discovered after alittle spray with WD-40 and hitting it.

My slave was literally bleeding.

What was so weird with the slave being inside the car, i dont understand how moisture cause this on the inside and out but safe to say I've got it sorted.


Cleaned the spring and piston and made sure the rubber was intact before placed back in.

I got leftover diesel and a flathead screwdriver and went to town with the scrapping getting all that gunk up and the diesel seem to help big time.


It's been put together, bled and steady so that task is complete.

Will be back at the car next week, got alot of work to do this week going into weekend.