1. A


    Hi all! i am new to this forum and own a civic ek4 SIR which includes the optional extra 'honda navigation system' and i would like to know if it possible to get the disc for the system in english! any help much appreciated!
  2. S

    WTB: OEM EK 99-00 Grille

    looking for a oem EK9 or SiR grille. Needs to be intact no broken taps or something like that. Paint-wise it doesn’t really matter because it’s gonna get a respray anyway.
  3. SeanLai7

    Facelift Civic EK4 SiR Project

    Hi everyone, been meaning to do this for a while now as I haven't posted a build thread since I first got my EM1 but I've decided to start a new one on my recently purchased Tafetta White EK4 SiR, the car is fairly standard and was happy buying it that way as it gives me more of a blank project...