GTM Libra (Honda Engined)

Not much of an update but I have ordered a Moates 2timer - does anyone know if the maps can be switched on the fly or does the ignition have to be off? i.e. car not running and ECU dead?

It's currently got a B18C6 UK Chip, the chip I'm trying has the JDM B18C map on it and another that was dyno tuned with the same bolt ons on a standard motor so should be pretty well suited. Just thought I'd give it a go, but I am intrigued to see if the JDM map feels any different to the UK one I've been using.
Again not much of an update, still waiting for the chip. As I posted in another thread I had some issues with a 2timer chip H tune did but have spoken to eurospec and they have done them before so they're doing it for me.

Other little bits, I've bought a elise S2 centre console to chop up and try and fit as at the moment I've just got the gearchange bolted on the tunnel and nothing to tart it up.

Also I'm going to decat it, possibly at the weekend if the bits arrive. Should I expect a lot more noise? At the moment it does have a sport cat and it seems pretty quiet, mostly induction noise really when I'm giving it some. I know it's probably unlikely that I'll feel much in the way of gains, but everything I've read suggests the less restriction the better with these engines. A bit more exhaust noise wouldn't go a miss though, I think the cat is really shutting the car up at the moment. Then it'll jut be a PLM big tube manifold into a straight through oval silencer.. plus the induction from the whale C*ck, should sound pretty good.
I would be surprised if you noticed an increase in noise tbh. I think your issue is the air filter being right behind your head lol
Yeah ha but it's more at lower revs, it just doesn't sound very sporty unless it's screaming
Decat made my car totally different, better sound and definitely faster up the rpm,
Just been out for a little test drive and all seems OK. Didn't go far just wanted to have a little run out, spin it up a few times etc then check over on the drive again. Still needs tracking up properly but by some fluke I think I've got it near enough right, seems to track straight enough and the rack has made the steering much quicker with so much more feel, slightly heavier steering being the trade off but completely worth it.

Just need to build my confidence up now with the car and taking it on longer drives
Love that picture! The honda plant looks really good in that car .
Went out for a bit today, not mega far but was nice and incident free. I finally remembered why I wanted a weekend car again, it was nice to just go out with no clue where I was going to end up, just for a drive with no intended destination.

Took a quick iPhone snap, this is as good as it gets I don't do cameras and editing

Also chopped up an Elise centre console and fitted it to tidy up the gear change. I'm not 100% happy with it TBH, but it's a hell of a lot nicer than just a gear lever poking out of a hole.

.. And before I put the car away I decided to leather the wishbones and mounts in clear waxoyl spray, not gonna lie, it looks ****. But you'll never really see it and it gives me the peace of mind that it won't end up going the same way as its first incarnation before my ownership...

Exhibit A (one of the old ones.. has new ones fitted now)

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Can you get new wishbones no?

Might be good idea to sanblast them an paint em an replace bushings :)

Least u know its done then.

An very important question is it fast? haha
Can you get new wishbones no?

Might be good idea to sanblast them an paint em an replace bushings :)

Least u know its done then.

An very important question is it fast? haha

It's got new wishbones on it mate, I just kept those old shitters in case the absolute worst was to happen and I bent one, I'm sure they would tidy up. I actually have access to a shotblaster so maybe I should just do them anyway...

Yeah it's pretty quick ;) It hooks up very well and just tears through the gears, the box is very close.. I'm glad I fitted the 4th gear from my old box into the S80 LSD
Decat y0!

I was originally going to chop the cat out but it made no sense. Was pretty easy to make a new pipe without it, so it's a quick swap come MOT time.

First impressions are it has a slightly deeper tone, bit more bass to it but not too loud, which is exactly what I wanted. Haven't actually driven it yet though so that's my only observation for now.
It will make a good defence it does for me anyway , when I put cat on and take off after test I do be shocked as to how much difference it makes
Just had a little run round the block, little bit louder, VTEC crossover more pronounced and it does feel like it pulls a little harder. Well worth doing :cool:
Bit of an update

Begun prep on the Libra which goes for paint in a month, started with the boot, had a few chips out of the lip, tiny bit of crazing... also de badged it. Some may think that's sacrilege but I did it on my old car and it looked much better IMO. Going to go for bullseye lights too.

Also, Z cars developed a rear suspension setup some years ago that massively improved the handling. Now Z cars are back up and running with a new owner they've agreed to make a few kits, I managed to get a group buy together.. really looking forward to it.

The original twin trailing arm set up has a lot of inherent flex and tends to go out of adjustment. The z cars kit is more like a swinging arm, rose jointed and the mounts are fully braced adding strength to the bulkhead. Transforms the car from being "ok" to a genuine Elise competitor.... and considering the car has an Elise licked in many other departments (in my completely biased opinion ;) ) it's well worth the money and effort.

The guy who owned the car in the pics ended up fitting 25mm spacers. Depends what your wheel offset is I guess. Another guy I know has 245 rears on his. Unnecessary for me... but his has a 350hp rotrex'd K20 in it haha.
Just thought I'd post a little update

Still plodding on, date of the 4th march for paint looming but it's getting there. Have done a number of crazing repairs.. basically this consists of grinding any cracks out of the gel coat and filling back in with short strand fibre filler, flat back then finish with very fine filler ready for primer.

Seem to start a panel then find another, then another etc etc. But it needs doing right, it adds strength to the stressed areas where crazing has occurred and means it can't come back through and ruin the paint.

Readers of a nervous disposition look away now

Basically got patches like that all over the car. Well, clams and a little on the doors, not the tub.

Think it'll probably be a month or so yet till I get anything from Z cars too but there's no major rush...

One idea I have been toying with is turboing it, there's an abosulute mass of info out there regarding turbo B series Hondas and I'm quite confident it can be done reasonably cheap and with a good safe tune be able to churn out a reliable 300ish hp.

I was always tempted to do something mad with it once the paint is done and it's handling right and TBH was favouring an NA build but it just seems like a bottomless pit of spending, for what, 250hp? Plus it's the torque that will really be impressive.

There's plenty of guys running low ish boost on fairly high compression, if I pop the 11:1 type R pistons and rods out I can easily fit B18C4 pistons on H beam rods without even removing the engine, that will net 9.8:1. The main difficulty will be fitting it all in such a tiny space...

I've thought about it a lot over the last few days and just found these turbo flange to V band adapters

I think that with 2 of these, I.e one on the manifold and one on the turbo, I can basically just pipe between them and mount the turbo wherever I want it... obviously the shorter the better. It would be a quick and easy way to replicate a sidewinder style exhaust where the turbo sits more over the box where there's more space. V clamps allow everything to be turned too which helps on something custom like this. Then wrap all the tubing and make some support brackets. Bit of a brain fart at the moment but I think it's do able, otherwise there's simply not enough space infront
Of the engine.

This is the normal kind of setup

Maybe a top mount would be better to keep some room below for the downpipe etc.

Possibly something like this bolted to the manifold either on a top or bottom mount manifold with the straight v band adapter on the turbo. This should put the turbine facing upwards which would even make it easier to plumb in but would mean I couldn't use an off the shelf down pipe. But there's going to have to be a compromise somewhere.

Anyone have any ideas?

Theres basically some room around the gearbox and plenty of room above the engine, just not much in front

Another idea I had was a B20 Block with B18 rods and crank, I think that makes around 1932cc, kinda like a poor mans way of making a 84mm B18c.. I know the sleeves are reportedly weaker in a B20 but that only becomes apparent under boost or detonation from what I gather. Plus using a B18 crank and rods at least retains a slightly better rod/stroke ratio. Or there's always the option of just doing some minor work like cams and a proper map... I don't really know what I want to do yet.

I'd love to rotrex it but the problem remains with lack of space.

Will park all these ideas until the car is painted and Z cars kit is on... my mind might change once I've driven it again :slap: