GTM Libra (Honda Engined)


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Feb 19, 2016
Hi All

I recently joined and have been getting some good help and advice, thought I would post this up.. I don't actually own a Honda, but I recently acquired a Honda powered B16A2 GTM Libra in need of some love.

This isn't the first I've had, my last one met an unfortunate end with a Nissan almera up it's arse!

Most of these cars are rover K series powered like the old Elises, I'd always fancied another and this being a Honda powered car made it a no brainer.

It's a factory built 07 car, the running gear needs attention, all 4 corners will be refurbed, new bearings joints bushes whatever it needs and everything blasted and POR15 painted. Needs new shocks, going to fit a Passat rad, wheels want powder coating and by the time I've done any bits of repairs etc and seen to some star crazing it'll need spraying.

Also the motor has likely done big miles (62k on car and doner Unknown) so I've sourced a 1.8 b18c bottom end, throw some new bearings and rings gaskets etc at it, use the b16a2 head with all type R internals, type R manifold, TB etc.. and get the P30 ECU socket and chipped with the right map.

Thankfully, whilst this sounds quite extensive a lot of the work is just hard graft. Car is nice inside and is generally finished off quite well being a factory built. They are around 750KG, the old one went well with a 160hp VVC K Series so this thing should shift with the B18C.


I'll keep this updated as I go along, I know it's not a Honda but hopefully it's still of interest here.
Oops I missed there was a projects section, mods feel free to move this..
I had a R1 engined fisher fury after that. 160hp and 450kg. Was an out and out track car though whereas the libra is a genuine road car that can be comfortably used on a daily basis. Similar size to an Elise but better storage and rarer although the Elise is marginally better in the handling department. Dirt cheap to insure too :)
This is really nice ! Be a great over all car with b18c wow it will move 750kg Bonkers! Please keep us posted and videos are always appreciated around here .
Cheers mate, yeah it should be fairly quick and there's always the option to turbo it later but I think a light little car like this is made for a high revving N/A motor
Looks sweet mate. Keep the build updated...

A guy I know has a old mini powered gtm. I'll get a pic of it.
These look pretty cool! Are they expensive?
These look pretty cool! Are they expensive?

Prices vary quite dramatically, a V6 one sold recently for around 9K. I think the only other B18C libra (that I know of anyway) was up around that price range too. But you can pick them up for around 6-7k. It all depends on the spec... I wouldn't want one with a V6 boat anchor in the back anyway. They do sound good though.

I know where there's one for around 3.5k but needs some tarting up. It was bettween that and this but the Honda motor won it for me. But that car for 3.5k comes with a 160hp VVC motor that he was going to fit. And I think it's a 1.6 in it at the mo.

I think they will rise in value too. They are very rare. Especially ones like this that have had all the right mods and the wishbones etc re painted (standard finish was **** and they're all rusty by now). But the good thing it the car it's self is a GRP monocoque. So all the running gear bolts to that. You'll never have one with actual structural deterioration, unless of cause it's been damaged in a crash.
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Abit out of budget, had a brain fart for a Honda k series one lol
Abit out of budget, had a brain fart for a Honda k series one lol
I'd say k swap would be double bonkers! But b18c and 750kg is going to be mental.
Wow they are pricy but you pay for rarity and the wow factor. Really liking this and can't wait for good footage
Of this doing its thing .
There's a rotrex'd k20 one knocking about. I like NA though but bet it's mental
The more I look at the libra the more I'm falling in love with them!
Your one here dude ?
Nope, I did take my old one there one year. Not sure how involved the fella who had my new one got with meets and club stuff. I wasn't even aware of any B series Honda ones until recently.

One of my old one at Newark, had to disinfect the car afterwards

Haha very good! Iv not seen a b series one yet but then again iv not seen any lol .
Fitted Passat rad yesterday (bigger, common upgrade) and sorted some wiring out. Should have pretty much all the bits I need now, protech shocks due in the week.. Just met colepsycho to collect a S80 LSD 4.7fd Box Synchros have gone in 3rd, from what I've read and been told the S4C bits are interchangeable and I've also been told while I'm in there if I swap the 4th and 5th from the S4C into it too it'll make the ratios closer again. Might knock a little top speed off but it's supposed to be a very good mod and as I've got two gearboxes I can do it for nothing.

I mentioned I'd never actually been in a VTEC type R car of any variant so he took me up the dual carriageway in his DC2, was a lot faster than I expected and very impressive the way it revved. Might just spur me on to go out in the garage and freeze my tits off to do some more later on.
Have you not driven yours then? I'd expect yours to feel a fair bit more punchy than a dc2.
Nope the main reason I managed to get it was that the rear wishbone mounts rusted through and it was borderline collapsing on one side (just steel brackets mounted to the fibreglass monocoque) Then my mate bought it, got all new rear wishbones and mounts, then didn't touch it for a year. So this will be my first VTEC driving experience :)

Yeah it was impressive and I'm expecting this to be bloody quick now. No AC or Power steering sapping power and in a much lighter car. I can already tell after today's passenger ride that it'd destroy my old rover K series engined car.