EK9 in the Netherlands - change up

Well, finally the time was there to put the car up. First we cleaned up the garage as it was. lots of different needless stuff laying around there and it was time to say goodbye to it all. Took everything out, wiped the floor, threw out what needed to go out and re-arranged everything that needed to go back in. The car is finally in the air. We can work, walk and lay around and under the car for the taking-apart. The idea is first to remove the suspension and the interior. The suspension will get new bushing all-round. The interior (what was left anyway) will go out completely, seats out, carpet out, a good clean and then start with the cage. It’s a bolt-in cage but the mounts will be welded to the chassis.

From that point on time to take the B18 out, clean and spray the block to make it all just that little more fresh.

Some pics of last night. Updates coming soon.


The car is slowly coming apart. Tuesday night i've removed rear wheels, seats, inside plastics and headliner. So far not alot of excitement and i'll keep this page updated with pictures when it starts to count. I am nothing of a mechanic thus far so the process is taking longer than anybody who knows what they're doing but it is a learning process for me and i am excited to learn more regarding my own car.

Also have ordered a few new bushings and such from HardRace. Excited to see what that does.

Thanks to those who do take the time to read.
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last friday I took some more parts off the car. Seatbelts out, front fenders , sideskirts, back bumper and this friday i will get to pick up some new stuff for the car.

Hardrace: Front LCA bushings, shifter stabilizer bushings, steeringrack bushings, rear trailerarm bushings, toe kit, camberkit front and back and rear LCA's. Think this will do the car some justice again in the future.

Next up is removal of all interior parts and then fitting the half-cage. Overall happy with what i find underneath the panels so far. I expected alot more rust.



thanks for reading to whoever does :)
Yesterday did some more work to the car. Took off the mirrors, doorpanels, took out the carpet and the plastic panels in the rear. later i will do the headliner etc. too but for now this is what i've done. I felt a proud moment when taking the carpet out. I've had a leak in there since a short while. Was never able to find the leak (resulted in a wet carpet behind the passenger seat) but i was scared of what to find underneath. Rust, holes, worse... but nothing. a bit of surface rust and that is it. The car is overall in better shape than i could have imagined. Very happy about that!



Tonight i'll be picking up the hardrace stuff. Once that is in my possession i will receive help taking out the full suspension, put in all the bushings, LCA's etc. and then it will go back under the car. The engine will go out after and i've taken out the interior yesterday so next week the cage can be fitted, go out again and get resprayed.
Little update due to little time but we did a test fit of the cage. Going to do great!!


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Good to see he work still happening and changing couple years later. Good job looking forward to more updates
Holy thread revival batman. Alot has changed in the last post. Got married, older, father and basically lect the 9 untouched for over 4 years. Collected dust quite well. Such a shame in hindsight. Anyway, the build is back on. Due to life the money set aside for the ek9 new paint job is non existent anymore. Still had some parts laying around though. Hard race n whatnot. Slowly have come to the process of putting that on the car.

Plan is to piece it back together and just enjoy it first. Get that bug back. Still remembered my chassis number from the top of my head so the love is in there somewhere.

B18 will go back in soon too. Plan is to NOT track it. Interior will go back in fully, stock-ish exhaust etc. Make it more streetable and a bit more sophisticated instead of being one of the ricey civics as far as sound goes.

Got little to no pictures. Its been ages since I've been here as well so slowly getting back. Thanks for reading to whomever.
Congrats on marriage and your kid!

I hope you can make it fully working again.
Would love to see another EK9 in the Netherlands.
Right now it feels like i'm the only one.
Congrats on marriage and your kid!

I hope you can make it fully working again.
Would love to see another EK9 in the Netherlands.
Right now it feels like i'm the only one.
Thank you first of all.

The b18 went back in today. Slowly but surely making progress. 6 years of standing still paid its toll. Everything suspension related is in. B18 back in. After this prep her for starting.

And you've got an ek9 in the Netherlands too? I wondered how many were left. Do you drive it often?
Welcome back :cool: congrats on the marriage and being a pop-pop now!