eCtune into my UKDM DC2

Under £400 for me....:clap:

Billy bargain considering how it goes now! Chuffed to bits!:nice:
Another graph to show the adjustment to AFR with the remap.....

OEM ECU run represented with green lines
eCtune remap run represented with red lines...

interesting how standard it goes leaner as the vtec cuts in its as if the standard map doesn`t cater for the switchover properly, either that or your cars running allot more efficiently than standard at the switchover point and gobbling up all the fuel due to your intake and zorst.
I reckon it could have been a result of the mods like you say...

With the stock ECU the engine was jumping from ~125 to ~160BHP in a big hit as it crossed over....maybe the map couldnt quite keep up with the change in fuelling demands?

It would noticeably just tail off then BANG the VTEC would engage.

Interestingly it was a whole lot worse than that before i fitted my Mugen Airbox too:shocked:
arrange some beerage and test drives macca !

but not in that order obviously !!
Nicely done! I bet your dead chuffed.

What i liked the most was the amount of Torque gained at the top end bet that will help pull at the High RPM loads but im sure you know that.

What next Cams ?

Congrats a well spent £400 me thinks !
Thats it for engine work now....:nice: Feels very strong to me:nice:

Im quite happy with it...

Next on the list will be new bushes as & when:p
yep get a hardrace kit maccar, works out cheapest way plus you already done yoru rta bushes so can sell them out of your kit
Hello ChrismcDc2 :)

Pretty happy with your results on the DynoDynamics.
196bhp on this dyno with a 150000 miles engine is cool, another proof of the Honda reliability (of course with a good care).

Romain is famous in the French Honda community, and we are pretty proud of his work:)

Your Setup was:
-Mugen air box
-DC2 JDM 98spec exhaust manifold
-Hiflow cat
-Mugen Twinlopp mufler
and Ectune

==> so if i'm not wrong, you are running with the stock Ukdm b-pipe?
==> And what is your Hiflow cat? It's a sort of "more free" cat? (i'm not bilingual...)