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  • Hi dude you still got that damaged head off your engine need the solid dowl pin that locks the rockers in place when vtec is engaged.
    thanks Aaron
    GUtted didnt know the post count was 250 :-( i have an imported ek3 I wanted to sell any chance you could pull some springs ? Thanks
    hello ian,

    tried to send you a pm but cant as i'm new on here. is there any way i can contact you directly please?

    Just to give a warning to everyone JDM101 - Donnel Locsin from cebu philippines is on it again he scammed me and another guy from another forum...
    I've not been in this forum long & I was hoping to sell an exhaust can I? & how do I?
    Thank you.
    Good Day mates, I am Boon from Singapore. May I join you guys for this spectacular meet up of Honda Lovers. I am driving a EK4 Hatchy back in Singapore. I am now on outstation at UK derby on work purpose.

    Cheers Mate.
    The hytech manifold from jocks ek9 is available for sale, I purchased it from him but no longer require it. Contact me on 07729138094 if interested. Cheers
    Im there now as a salesman... Trying to sell to the markets im in to rather then all the VAG stuff, Just trying to get the boys up here to appreciate Jap stuff!!lol We've started selling stuff from Rota, D2 and Buddyclub now after me moaning about the lack of variety! Defiantly pop up whenever you get a chance... Would appreciate the noise! :)
    The names Ryan, I had Sami G's old civic! Was talking to you at Longlife in Amesbury when you brought your car upto us for the exhaust to be done. The fabricator was hoping you would of popped in and told us how it went....
    Alright mate, Whats your verdict on the system you got from us in Amesbury?? Did it perform well at your tuning session?? Also got some leaflets here for you... Offering cash for any custom you send our way through your contacts on here!! :)
    hello again,would you be so kind as to lower the price again on the for sale thread '1998 UK SPEC INTEGRA'?new price being £4950ovno:(...thanks again
    hey there,in the for sale section i have put a thread up '1998 UK SPEC INTEGRA £5800ono....could you please change this to £5300ovno?
    thanks in advance
    COuld you delete my reputation centre thread plz dude? didnt realise i couldnt sell yet. Thanks
    Hi mate, can you package the wheels for a courier to collect if i buy them from you?
    if you still have them that is?

    im in Scotland so its too far to travel.
    i can pay you through paypal, let me know.

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