Dzero4 Reputation Thread


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Nov 22, 2017
2000 VSM EJ9 Civic 2000 CW Type-Rx
Hi Guys if you have bought from me could you leave a comment below thanks
Good Guy. we needed a part for our customers car at work. NEW genuine oem s2000 exhaust manifold. the part was Discontinued from Honda Europe.

He managed to find me one very quickly from overseas and got it delivered to my work £500 cheaper then what Honda Europe was advertising the item for.

Best guy to find them weird and hard to find parts. will be using Dzero4 Again 1000000%
A young but very knowledgable about the EK platform.
Dzero4 is able to find all sorts or random and long forgotten parts that we all see in brochures.
He has helped me get many of parts much cheaper than Honda themselves.
No doubt ill be using him again. ⭐
Top guy! Known him for few years now. Have got several things through him and not just car parts! DMd me as soon as an item dropped and became available. Recommend :)
Got some rare-to-find NOS Honda optional window visor fasteners from him. Good packing, international delivery at reasonable price. Shipping with tracking no and generally a nice bloke!
Thanks mate - anytime again!
Great seller, sourced me a now discontinued genuine oil cap, delivered fast, packaged well, great price and a we bonus pack of Haribos, what more can a man ask for!

Thanks again
Solid seller, was decent with communication on timings for the bits I ordered. Ill be ordering in the future from him for sure! Haribo's also went down well haha
Great seller.....bought from him more than once and no problems at all....great communication, good prices, incredibly knowledgeable about the EK9...

Top guy, will defo use again...:beer:
Great seller!

Was looking for wind deflector clips for sometime and Dzero4 had them! Communication was great and delivery was super quick + a bonus pack of Haribo. Would recommend!
bought many thinks from Ran, never have an issue and always come on time as genuine parts