attention scammer


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Jan 3, 2007

msg me :

Hello buddy, I hope you're still looking to purchase a JDM DC2 Integra Type R 98 Spec 4-1 Header Bracket? A member @alsxe10, have some he want to part out with. I recently purchase some items from him, You can email at if he still have it available for sale.

Best Regards.

then email(did not respond pm here i believe its a random abandon account) him :

On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, Alley Tim <> wrote:
Ok good. Here is my paypal email
Kindly make payment as friends and family. I'll confirm immediately so I can go ahead with the shipment via FedEx. I will send you the tracking details once shipment is done.


responds stopped after refused to send payment as a family and asked to send me pics of the actual product.

found another 2 forums they tried/try to cheat :
Thanks. User also seems to use VPN. That on itself doesn't make him a criminal but it adds up to the other stuff. Unfortunately I don't have the rights to ban users anymore.

Edit: lol I'm still a forum BOFH apparently - user banned ;)