1. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    So asa very Small few of you know, I've moved on from the EP3, Great car which I do miss, will definitely be back in one some day soon. Was fun to drive but another car came up that took my fancy and I couldn't resist. A (Very Fresh) 1998 Honda Integra Type R DC2. finished in Championship...
  2. F

    Looking for people in the UK to team up (i'm in Japan) in an export business

    I'm looking for someone in England (preferably) who would be interested in partnering with me in a import / export endeavor. I'm currently in Japan and have partnered up with a local who owns a JDM sports car chop shop and has been in the game for over 30 years. Not only this but he also has a...
  3. Vtex

    Ek9 spoiler

    As per title. Genuine Ek9 roof spoiler wanted.
  4. JDM-Link

    JDM Car and Parts Exporter

    Greetings everyone, Just as the title states, I export parts and cars from Japan. If anyone needs anything, visit my website and leave a message! ***Also, I will be giving 5% off of my commission fee for the first person to import a car through me on this forum! Thanks!
  5. titanvirs

    Ferio Vi-Rs Project

    Recently got a Civic Ferio Vi-Rs With no rust what so ever And Manual from the factory :woot: Now time to Start making it look nicer :ek9: Anyone reccomend anything would be great help :thanks: