euro r

  1. Nathan Brooks

    Simple update

    Hey guys, Been busy this month, got a job at a place i been applying from 2014 which i have better hours and pay is waayyy better lol So update on the 2 cars First up, Carnage Need to change my o2 sensor soon but had to change my gearbox mount since only 1 bolt was holding it up...what a...
  2. Nathan Brooks

    CL-1 EuroR work

    So thursday evening i started working on my car at 7pm and never finish until 4am lol (thank god my days off from work at thursdays and fridays!). Changed the suspension, fix one of the foglights, flush the radiator out and put in that awesome Zerex Blue coolant and drain the gearbox oil since...
  3. Nathan Brooks

    My CL1 EuroR

    So most of you that know i've gotten a cl1 as a daily until i'm fully completed with the Hswap EK then im gonna drive that and put the euro down for some bodywork and paint but here are a few photos of Carnage. The 3 amigo R's Here's a recent shot of Venom getting some food
  4. Nathan Brooks

    My Ride's

    Hey Guys, haven't been on in a while, for those of you who haven't seen my build, it's at this link here My EK, cleaned it off at 3am lol, was doing some work at the garage and never left till 6am to go home but made sure...
  5. Brandersonyo

    Finally joining the dark side

    Hi all! So I've finally jumped into the dark side and gotten myself something to play with. About a week ago I brought a 2001 Honda Torneo Euro R! Been an amazing car to drive so far but with this being my first dive into anything car related I'm wanting some ideas/advice! Car is completely...
  6. JDM_Dan

    Reunited with the euroR

    Haven't posted on here for a good while now. Plan on using this thread to keep a log of what ive done/doing with the car. Having logged on here after a while it was good to look back on old threads I had made on the car etc. I started my love for Hondas with the 96 spec JDM DC2 in 2011...