Nathan Brooks

Heaveh foot
Jun 13, 2018
JDM H-Swap EK / JDM Accord CL-1 EuroR
So thursday evening i started working on my car at 7pm and never finish until 4am lol (thank god my days off from work at thursdays and fridays!).

Changed the suspension, fix one of the foglights, flush the radiator out and put in that awesome Zerex Blue coolant and drain the gearbox oil since 5th would grind in sometimes.

Gearbox had needed it, the oil was black and i was like wow, guess he never got a good service in a good while, so flush it out with a bottle and proceed to fill it up, what was hard on getting the top bonk on but after i put it in i proceed to fill it a bit more to be on the safe side.

The suspension is what took me a while but got it finish and then clean up around the car time lol.

So this was the last work area on the suspension and this is 4am where i'm a bit drained and then mosquitoes constantly buzzing around me.

Put on the new lugs i had sitting down like 2 weeks earlier and it's the BLOX 2 piece which is first one is a steel lock nut and then the aluminum casing can be screw on as well as the spike.

As you can see as well it was a bit dusty so decided to clean the interior and wash the outside, cannot wait til i get venom out the paintbooth to get carnage in one as well!
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