Jun 13, 2018
JDM H-Swap EK / JDM Accord CL-1 EuroR
Hey Guys,

haven't been on in a while, for those of you who haven't seen my build, it's at this link here

My EK, cleaned it off at 3am lol, was doing some work at the garage and never left till 6am to go home but made sure before I left I would at least give Venom a wash before I left for home, I was going to apply the TypeR Lip but was on a different car trying to get it complete for the customer the following day for pick up.

Even Armoured All the tires:))

Progress report on the EK: Wire Harness, Foglights, a/c harness cause I'm putting A/C in and will be having my windows up, anyone who ever visited the Cayman Islands will agree our temps down here are the equivalent to the Sahara desert & car will be going to the paint shop to get bodywork and sprayed a cleaner black back on.

My Daily i've recently purchased.

Need's New suspension, Engine mounts (which I do have but very lazy to change them), some bodywork and spray job but other than that, the car is healthy like an ox, got a mean pull with it too!

Here's a short clip of it btw

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