1. 1


    I have a d16y7. All i really want is 2 step i don’t expect to make power. What ecu would i need? Thanks
  2. Haydo224

    B16A2 help?!

    Hi I have an ej9 which has a full ek4 conversion, I have been offered B18C type r cams but was wondering would there be much of a point installing them without an Ecu (P28 etc). I’ve also sourced an ek9 ecu and was wondering would the cams and ek9 ecu paired make much of a difference. Thanks
  3. Luca Mallia

    Wanted Hondata or Aem v2 ecu for b18

    Hi all, Looking for a hondata or an aem ecu for my b18 . Thanks
  4. L

    Major help!!!!

    Hi there just got my turbo ek9 back on the road. Recently it has been cutting out and not starting for ages. I got a ecu code up of vss which I have sorted but now I have been stuck in town for 1hr 3/4 with it not starting. It has fuel as spark plugs are wet and plugs are sparking. I eventually...