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    Off road / on road motorbikes ??

    Depending on what age you are dont make the mistake that me and my friends made....there is not point in buying a 125 or 250, your best bet is to buy the bigger bike, do the full access and/or restict the power of the will get bored or underpowered bikes vey quick.....only take this...
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    1997 JDM Honda Civic EK9 Type R B18c Pre-facelift

    Keep it and bring it with u
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    Don't bother accelerating between them, I just sit at 30kph and happy days
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    What would you do when someone parks on your Space.

    Good thing it wasn't mine, you would have found yourself sitting there a couple of hours, lucky u got away with notes, I know people who would have keyed the car....
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    What would you do when someone parks on your Space.

    Ps I think if you legally own the spot you can clamp and charge a fee
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    What would you do when someone parks on your Space.

    Personal what I have done in the past is just park my car behind theirs and bloc it in and will not move it until I have to go somewhere! Once the Garda were called and they said I had the right to bloc him in by parking outside my property, made the ****er wait 11 hours before I went out! Even...
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    stick on number plate on bonnet?

    It would look absolutely ****
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    What colour of cage to go for?

    Green would lookk deadly against the VSM
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    fl cars

    to be honest I would kick my own ass if I owned alot of them cars, horrific to say the least
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    Maybe he just wanted a race 
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    Shots of my PY EK9 Rx (As Promised)!!! :D

    Love it, needle sitting at 8half k!!
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    I want one of these!

    Ye that be nice......but can i have it in CW ha
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    EK9 or EDM EP3

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    Spoon and Mugen CR-Z

    Is it just me or does the cockpit interior look like the ferrari 458???
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    Spoon and Mugen CR-Z

    K20 yes in terms of styling if we could meet the spoon and mugen half way i think there would be a sexy car IMO.....mugen body kit is too much and spoon has all the technical basis covered just need lower stance and a bit more aggression in terms of styling