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    Wide band air/fuel sensor install

    Hi Guys I have ordered a AEM wideband sensor. I have a 4-2-1 down pipe with with stock O2 sensor connected, I guess i will need to add the second sensor or can i replace the O2. If i replace will the MIL light come on? Also with the 4-2-1 i will be struggling for space to drill a hole for the...
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    Feedback needed for upgrading

    thanks guys, for feedback. Think i will just stick with getting ECU After reading comments. I don’t want to swap engine.
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    Feedback needed for upgrading

    Hi all I’m looking for a bit more power gains. Before anyone starts, I’m not interested in changed to a bigger B series engine or K swap or forced induction. yes gains won’t be massive, I’m not looking for huge gains, just something a bit more than stock. I have a 4-2-1 , dcat, deres pipe...
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    My EK9 from the Isle of Man

    Just over a year mate. Stripped and rebuilt
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    Ek4 siR putting back to standard or break, spoon,rota, ek9 parts

    How much for EK9 boot spoiler?
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    PY facelift ek9 breaking

    Do you still have EK9 boot spoiler?
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    My EK9 from the Isle of Man

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    Mimms 3 sisters

    Hi all Is there a stand at mimms meet at the 3 sisters? I’m coming from the Isle of Man and would like to join in if possible?
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    Mid exhaust

    Hi guys I looking for a mid section exhaust for my EK9 and I’m struggling finding one that not stupid money. I’m not fussed about stainless. Can anyone help?
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    My EK9 project

    I bought the car less than a year, fully stripped interior check floor as I heard certain areas rust, which I did find. Replated and sealed inside and out. Resprayed exterior just to freshen it up. Resprayed wheels. Then on to engine, fully rebuilt internals, cleaned down engine, resprayed block...
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    Running in new engine build

    Won’t have a problem on the Isle of Man with no motorways lol.
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    Running in new engine build

    Thanks for your response
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    Running in new engine build

    I guess everything still ok? How long did you keep the revs down for?
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    Running in new engine build

    Hi guys I’m looking for some advice on the sequence on running in. What spec oil do I use? When do I change oil and filters through running in? What revs do I max out on running in? I have had loads of different opinions. Thanks Mike
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    Painting engine and gear box

    hi guys Just looking for some input. I’m having my engine taken out shortly as I’m having a complete internal overhaul, while it’s out I want to paint the gearbox and engine. What colour would you recommend and what brand of heat resistance paint? See pic as to what colour code i have my bay...