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    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    Glad it's finally in the car mate .
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    Lovely beautiful stunning buy me now EP3 Type R

    Good price mate looks a cracking car . Makes me want join the Honda gang again .
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    Buddyclub fixed back seats

    Now sold cheers for interest folks .
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    Buddyclub fixed back seats

    Open to offers troops
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    Buddyclub fixed back seats

    Item for sale: 2 x Buddyclub fixed back seats Reputation: markp Price: £460 ono Paypal: yes cash preferred Location: Central Scotland Glasgow Condition: great . Description: Hi folks for sale I have a set of matching black and grey fixed back bucket seats . Size Large . Extremely light...
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    Championship White Pre Facelift EK9

    Very decent ek9 this . I had it before bushell and he's only improved in his time owning the car , I'll happily vouch it's in as good condition as described . Honest car
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    Rossco's Eg6 Sir2

    Fully into this wee gem .
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    Caged em1 coupe

    Looking good matey .
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    White daily 'resto' project

    Look forward to watching this thread . I had this car years ago .
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    Ek9 , dc2 , eg6 sir

    On the look out for a new car . Pre facelift ek9 (cw) Dc2 integra (cw) Eg6 sir (any colour ) Anyone knows of anything coming on the market please get in touch. Just sold my cossie so cash waiting for right car. Will travel Ireland , Scotland and England for good example . Cheers
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    What's your occupation?? and civic

    I like these types of threads as I'm a nosey guy. I work in a secure residential unit with young offenders and generally young legends who have lost their way . Just punted my 3dr cossie and looking for a new toy . Vtec mini perhaps
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    Classic mini

    Cheers chaps , appreciated .
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    Classic mini

    Thought I'd chuck it on here . Looking for a classic mini . Rust free and solid car . Preferably a cooper . Doesnt matter if it's a late model . Anyone know of decent ones on the market . 07789910346 mark
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    mint itr dc2 / b18c eg6 sir ?

    Na nothing as of yet wishy . Couple nice ones on done deal
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    mint itr dc2 / b18c eg6 sir ?

    That's a cool car but I don't want one with paint needing done on it .