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    Uk integra dc2 wanted

    DannyDc2 is selling his recently acquired black U.K. Spec.
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    Ek9 parts wanted

    I have an airbag steering wheel, carpet and door cards. Also have a genuine grill for a prefacelift.
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    Ctr/dc2 intake manifold

    Also have both here.
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    Genuine Honda Civic EK Wind Deflectors

    I have some genuine deflectors here, where abouts are you located?
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    98 EK9 possibilities ???

    Change the final drive, will make worlds of difference.
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    Is k20ing an ek9 wrong?

    My Ek9 will eventually have the spare wheel well cut out and made flat, full weld in cage etc and there's definitely no return from that. But it's my car, if I upset somebody online for butchering an Ek9 that's their problem.
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    Seibon OE ek9 98" Carbon Bonnet Fitting

    My particular bonnet isn't any lighter than the oem that came off to be honest, it's very solid in it construction. It doesn't sag or bend when it's up on the bonnet stay and doesn't wobble at speed what so ever.
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    Seibon OE ek9 98" Carbon Bonnet Fitting

    Here's a couple of mine:
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    Seibon OE ek9 98" Carbon Bonnet Fitting

    Pins I agree don't look too good, although proper aero catches fitted correctly can look good
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    A Civic

    No breaking this anymore then, I was due to collect the motor lol.
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    EK9 Racecar

    I prefer using the high frequency start on a button on the torch, much much easier on thin stuff. Looks a good bit of kit though mate.
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    Spoon calipers twin block 4pot

    This is over 2 years old lol.
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    Help with Exhaust noise

    I would suggest having a custom system made using larger silencers but still free flowing, a true 2.5" even 3" system can still provide the gains but be quiet enough for all race tracks.
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    Ek4 trouble

    My cable has a gap just the same.
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    Bought a Spoon throttle body from Mark. Excellently wrapped up, posted when he said he would and arrived just as described.