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  • Hi

    I read that you do custom rails for recaros in ek.
    i have brought a set of evo4 recaros (same as teg ones) and need rails.
    how much do you charge for a set?


    Hiya, I got told to go to you about rails? I w ant my recaros from ek9 to fit into my ep3 and chance you can help out, regards josh

    Can't send pm because I don't have 10 posts so I leave a message here.
    I'm intrested in your cupholder.
    Do you ship to Belgium?
    How much do you want for it inclusive shipment?

    Thanks in advance,

    Do you still have the SPRINT SW9 wheels for Honda Civic 96-00?
    What is your price? shipping included?
    Where are you located?
    I live in Florida, USA.
    Thank you.
    You probably know all this already, but thought this might be of interest to you...

    DC2 Aerodynamics
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