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    Noises BC Racing Coilovers?

    Check that all the locking collars are tight and that the top mount nut is tight. Mine were knocking seriously bad, turned out to be the top mount nut, no noises since.
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    C/W EK9 Bothwell/Hamilton

    Simon Lamond, I'm sure he's on here.
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    Dyno day - 26th July @ Performance HQ

    Anyone else wanting to come to this? Need more numbers, C'mon people!
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    Dyno day - 26th July @ Performance HQ

    No takers for this?
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    Tyres Advice

    I also use them as my daily tyres, and Federal RSR's for track duty. The Rainsport 3's are great in both wet and dry, and unlike the Rainsport 2 the sidewall is nice and stiff, especially with the XL version.
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    Tyres Advice

    Uniroyal Rainsport 3's! Can handle my 300bhp ep3, so should do you.
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    Dyno day - 26th July @ Performance HQ

    Im organising a dyno day at Performance HQ (Dalgety Bay) for Saturday 26th of July, day is booked and deposit has been paid. Where?: Performance HQ Dalgety Bay KY11 9JN When?: Saturday 26th July @ 9am How much?: £45 HQ have a state of the art £150k 4WD Dyno room with the latest and most...
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    Civic Jordan(Update page 2)

    So what power are you sitting at now? Over 307 now il assume by that spec list. Impressive stuff!
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    Insurance Black Boxes

    Been speaking about this for years...
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    Jordan #228

    You'll hate it if you get rid of the power steering, wouldn't waste your time mate. Not real world benefit either, "feel" isn't improved.
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    Nailed it!
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    It simply comes down to this: As someone mentioned earlier, from a business perspective it is very much worthwhile to provide halal meat as part of a restraunt/fast food menu, and naturally is all about profit & making money. The fast food chains couldn't give a flying **** about any religion's...
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    I refuse to eat Halal products, why should I be a British person in Britain, dining by foreign standards!? It's absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn't go to a Muslim country and.... Oh wait im basically in a Muslim country now.
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    **** Halal, and **** Islam. Infact **** religion in general.
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    Edinburgh meet sunday 18th may

    It's at 1 pm mate.