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    Integra DC2 -Powered by Toda K20 & Turbo

    Hate to rebump this... but do you have any videos of the car in action?
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    Darren's K24 DC2 build

    everyone runs spoon... including me lol first moulding ftw. id love to see one of those!
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    Dave's JDM DC2 O.E.M BUILD

    Man everything is sooo fresh man i love it! I may need to pop to R-Motion to truly appreciate this!
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    Spoon & mugen jdm show plates

    id be up for integra one too
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    PowerFlex bush upgrade

    hi is this whole car kit?
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    Kswap parts

    i have dc5 shifter cables and box and karcepts mounting plate for sale
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    Jap Performance Parts - Waste of Time

    I found them very good to me. They took the item to Japfest so i could make a local collection. They even sent me newly taken, detailed photos of the item prior to sale. Did they know you were on your way to collect? That sounds very unprofessional, I'm sure there was some...
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    I recently brought a OMP Roll Cage for Integra DC2. Where do i start with this excellent service..!! The Communication was excellent,very understanding throughout, he was willing to help me find a courier and even after sale he was giving me detailed advise on how to install. i Would always get...
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    Carbing 3 point front upper strut brace

    so fresh! i wish i had the money for this!
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    e46 m3 - few pics

    full of win
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    Big Spec Dc2 for breaking! Loads of Extras!

    carbon kevlar cooling plate?
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    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    i bet your loving it now. i know everytime i jump in mine it sure puts a smile on my face! i'd be up for a meet, im in bristol so not far from you guys, be good to see your car, looks fresh! im on 3rd engine cause of crack in the sump caused me to spin a bearing and 2nd was cause i ran a cai in...
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    Post Your Interior Thread.

    tama. those seats look tighter then mine!
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    StevieG's K20 Integra DC2

    lol im on my 4th sump because of this! im on my 3rd engine too for other reasons. but i raised my car now and i clear pretty much everything.
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    My JDM DC2 TypeR

    You got some sick photography skills. Looking super fresh