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    Genuine FL EK9 grill

    Wanted to buy EK9/vi-rs mesh grill. Must be genuine. Converting car to FL. Will have a genuine PFL for swap/sale Cheers
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    Pre face ek9 grill

    What are you willing to pay? Have a CW genuine one
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    Mugen Twinloop + Test Pipe/Decat + Mugen B pipe = Raspy EK9

    Hey guys I bought my car with the above exhaust system and it really does sound awesome but there is one point in the rev range where i get a raspy sound coming through. between 3-4000rpm i get a raspy sound. I bought the car like this so have no idea what happened with the stages between the...
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    Ur Opinions...?

    Everyone who has a car that loud eventually gets over that noise. Especially if you drive around town
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    Suspension help, how low do Buddyclub N+ go?

    I've spent the last hour or so searching through forums and its pretty inconsistent. Some say they go super low, some say they have a 2 inch gap between tire and fender.
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    Suspension help, how low do Buddyclub N+ go?

    Alright so have bought an EK9 and it has Tein Super Street suspension in it. My opinion is for a daily driven car they are an awesome coilover. However they do not go as low as I want. So have been offered a practically brand new Buddyclub N+ set for very cheap, say 100 pounds cheaper than a set...