What to look for when buying a used car. blinx's official guide

thanks for sharing this wonderful info. i will share some of your info to my friends so that they will be aware of it.
i think something most people forget if your test driving in the day is, check all the lights work! i didnt check and ended up having a messed up front light.. and try both the spare keys :/ i missed that out till i got home to realise the guy gave me a random spare key..
i no its notin massive but look to see if it has a flare, no flare means it could have been crashed and used ,, most lads wouldnt bother usin it but it only takes a sec to look :),,

if it has mats lift them up and look underneath for ware marks , also make sure the seats slide fowards and backwards and the they slide into place with the rails ,, also that they recline ,,, i always test drive a car with no radio on just to listen out for any funny noise ,, but if your happy with car proformance wise ,, test the radio and speakers to make sure they work ,,,,, i no its notin massive but still adds up to get sorted cash & time wise ;)
great write up i will be following this guide before i make my purchase of a vti on wednesday
great written and i do check everything but most important for me is the wheels because i think most people dont give much importance to that but i do ... because even you need to pay much for wheels . I remember the first second hand car i bought i did many modifications to my car to make it look great ..

Just to share i bought alloy wheels from this site for my car Alloy Wheels UK
And now i know what's "the hardest shift known to man"

special thanks to blinx9900 and thanks 2 you all.
Great guide, when looking for my ek ill make sure to go over these things

Hopefully gonna get it in the next month or so!
everyone please check my gallery out with my amusing story i could do with all the help and info given as im at my whitts end and ready for giving up
Buying a car can be a nightmare. the first 2 cars i bought were complete dogs, cost me a fortune. If it wasnt for people like blinx9900 sharing there knowledge we would all be alot worse off. Great advise. Oh, paper work/history and owner presentation must also be spot on for me.
Few tips, as ive viewed alot of eks. Of there standard checl the rear lights are correct amber/clear for facelift and pre facelift models. Had a guy with 1 amber and 1 clear rear swear it had never been hit. Had overspray in the arch as well lol.

Also checl the headlight tabs. They crack and snap easy is a impact. Also check to see if he number plates have the same manufacturer on them. Its sometimes an indication of an accident, especially if the seller doesnt have a response.
in my opinion, i look for over all rust on body work etc.
arches but thats inevitable on a civic.

oil patches around the head and/ or vtec solenoid.
just a couple off the top of my head