What interior / exterior options do i have EK1 3DR Hatch


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Nov 27, 2019
Honda Civic 1998 CXi EK1
Hey Guys,

Very new here but i wanted to start getting an idea on interior replacement parts what is interchangeable between the EK1 / EK4 / EK9

I love the darker interior on the EK4 I've already started looking into replacement front bucket seats and the rear seats but what about front and rear door cards?

Personal Car Details

Honda Civic 3DR Hatchback
Year = 1998
Location = Australia
Model CXi EK1

Items im looking at changing (Interior)
- Door cards front and rear
- Front Seats
- Rear Seats
- Carpets
- Dash? (Might be too ambitious)

Items im looking at changing (Exterior)
- Front Bar / Bumper (Not many options from Australia)
- Rear Bar / Bumper (Not many options from Australia)
- Spoiler Options (Not many options from Australia)
- Good side skirts? (Struggling to find nice looking skirts) / (Not many options from Australia)
IIRC the AUS EK1 is basically a UK EK3?

If its 1998 I believe it would be a facelift model if late 1998 and preface if early 1998, wouldn't know on the Aussie stuff though

As such you should be able to fit any EK chassis interior parts to it, however you may need to do loom changes for items like the dash (I'm guessing, not a clue here as electronics is not my strong point)
Seats - you can fit literally any seat if you have the know how and get the rails to match.
Carpet - should be straight fit as RHD cars in AUS
Bumpers - again should be straight fit (pre and post facelift only fit there respective models IIRC)
Spoiler - Straight fit
Side skirts - define good? If you want completely non OEM looking there's a UK company called Back Yard Civics (BYC) that make some, they would cost a fortune to import and you could have them made in AUS for cheaper than even buying them here in the UK
If you're on a budget, facelift EK4 seats are a really nice upgrade. If there's more to spend, black interior and Recaro's :D Straight fit into any EK.

By the way, if you're taking off you door(s), inspect the loom passing from the interior through the door. Weak spot of EK's and a bitch to replace, but a bit easier if the doors are off.