Update on H-swap EK

Hey guys, was a long day today, got off work my usual time on a saturday at 12pm and went to get some gas before i went to my buddy who was gonna set my suspension for me.



Here are the last shots you guys will see before the body work and spray happens.

Stay tuned for W.I.P. shots.
Hey guys,

Pleasant Happy new years to you all.

I've been very busy with my truck which is this here, feel free to browse around in my youtube channel btw.

So it's been since my last post was august so my harness must have start giving trouble or something but guess i will be take it out

So here are progress photos







So that's all for now, gonna get a windshield tomorrow to try complete the other stuff.
Good afternoon my honda peeps.

No words, just photos rn






So the car is done bodywork and spray outside, soon to get buffering done to it and ceramic coating. Right now i'm placing back in the tail lights and then start a bit of cleaning by the spare tire part since i told the bodyman i would be doing the interior and the undercarriage myself.

So this is the following task i will be the following to get:
- New Balljoints
- New Upper Contol Arm Bushing
- New Inner and Outter Tie-Rodding
- New Rear Upper & Bottom Bushing
- Respray and Bake Calipers
- Tuck A/C lines
- New fuel lines
- Chase Bay P/S delete Kit
- Gauge Wiring
- ABS wire back in
- Order back a Recaro seat (since somebody stole one of my seat)
Sup Guys,

Back with another update.

So most of you seen the car has been sprayed and such, so what am doing is paint stripping the interior floor to do the same and eliminate the rust, see progress shots here.

Before the paint stripper is washed off

Passenger side


Driver side, haven't done the piece below the steering wheel yet, its in the way but gonna get that done as well.
Hey guys,

Happy sunday‍♂️

Today agenda was to wire brush the trunk & passenger flooring.

I manage to get alot done in the space of 2 hours but was drained out from the car show we happen to have yesterday at the airport, was very hot even tho it was windy.

So here are shots of the inside


Btw check this out



I couldn't help it, just wanted to see some progress on the exterior. The spoiler is a OEM CTR wing as well as my bumper that got sprayed.

Stay tuned for more updates in the up coming days.
Hey guys,

Been a while, got some photos of what i did to venom rear☻

Finally took the ASR Subframe brace and Skunk2 control arms out to install. It was a rainy sunday but i still went and did it cause nice breeze. :D

For some odd reason I could not locate my jackstands so had to resort on using cinderblocks.

Decided to take a shot before i hooked up the right side suspension. The left gave me a bit of trouble since i had washers inbetween the arm and suspension but the right side? Never have i had a smooth installment like that one, it was 7mins for left, right side was 40 seconds and was including on torquing down.
Hey guys, forgot to take some photos of the engine out of the car, we've enduring a tropical storm at the moment, lots of wind and rain but will be sending some photo updates once things are cleaned up from the storm.

It's been a super long time

Birthday was on 1st September and then from after having the week off was back to work and been working all both day and night, lots of cargo coming into the islands but enougj gibber gabber.

Update: Engine came out of car around September time. Knock sensors and both coolant sensor I managed to break while hoisting the engine out

So after from having the engine out for so long i finally went purchase some things for cleaning it up like paint stripper, purple blaster and VHT High Temp Primer and spray painy.

Today out of all the days i decided to spray the engine block accompanied by my dude name Supa cause he's supacanic it camed out pretty good tho i could have took time and taped certain things but will clean up.


So the engine is done, will be dropping the subframe down and other componets for the engime bay will be getting properly sprayed and then its back the engine goes back in and ready to roll.
My peeps....everything is out, just awaiting on my paint man to come and start his A1 work
On today's episode

I have commence on Degrease and pressure washing.

So you have seen the bay is stripped out and subframe as well out, i saw some grease and build up on it so decide to hit it with the Purple blaster degreaser (that product and CRC Degreaser is magic in a bottle).

So anyways I started blasting :p and let it soak in while i got the brittle brush and scrubbed at the dirt loosen it up. Grab the pressure washer and hit it hard that it hit any stripped paint and dirt off.

See photos below:


Getting it prepped for spray but may have to disconnect it a bit to properly give it a clean.

So the Alternator and A/C Bracket are in play now. I have the following items prepped for it since i wanted to go to the beach so:

1x Wirebrush
1x paintstripper gel
1x VHT Epoxy Primer (won't be using again)
1x Dupli-Color engine Enamel

For the A/C Bracket
1x VHT Flameproof Primer
1x VHT High Temp Resistant Silver



This is the after shot and what i used to strip the paint off.

It's currently raining at the moment so once it ease up, i can spray in peace and allow the weather to dry it.

Sooooo yesterday we had ton of rain, was forecast to rain again today but hooray it didnt soooo lets get to progress I did on the A/C & Alternator bracket.

This morning first contestant was the Alternator Bracket, washed it in Ospo yesterday and made it sit and try by itself so wire brush it by hand all what i could and give it a wipe down with a rag and did the first coat of the Epoxy primer.


Now the first coat of the Heat Resistant Silver Spray for the A/C Bracket:


Now i left and went for a drive to the north side of the island for an hour and decide to come back to finish the job. So the alternator is the first runner up again.



Now for the A/C


So thats it for today, i did as well did the ceramic coat on the engine this morning so thats out of the way and all the components are good. Just the alternator, a/c and starter are to be completed and it be time to start put in everything.
Top of the morning to you all,

Yesterday I got a welder to come and weld the manual bracket that i got out of a manual EK from factory (since mines used to be automatic) on the gearbox side, he was pretty busy yesterday but still found the time to come at night to deal with it so this is 10pm chronicles :D:naughty:


As you see here he was doing a test tac so all is in place and he can really get to work once i moved the bracket out of the way.

So this is lastnight before I closed up and went to bed, decide to make it marinate in ospho for the night til I came back in the a.m.

So this was 2 hours ago, wire brush it down cleaning up most of the weld spots.


After, just doing a test fit making sure all is well

Wire brushed again and bathe it in Ospho to wash off all that dust, nice and prepped so awaiting the paint man to come and start the engine bay.

Sooooo guys that was my productivity week so far, until the paint man comes, will be awol for a bit.

Take care.:megusta: