Ultimate OEM Brake Upgrade Thread


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Apr 5, 2014
Great info. I read this on k20a.org back around 2008 sometime. I ordered from brakeexpert back then and the package he sent me didn't bolt up. He had me return the set up and said he could fix it for $400. more...end result no brakes and minus $800. I got the run around of he was doing other orders and is still working on mine. Once past the paypal days to report a person, he was ghost. After months of digging around his buddy stated "he knew him personally and was going through some things". Whatever. Please take this info and do it yourself or out source so you don't get screwed over please.
Thank you for reading and thank you to those that assist others without flaming others for why they want to go a certain route or "do your own research". I know personally I have been through every site, thread, and forum trying to get the correct info on 98 ITR brake booster/ master cylinder on my ek as well as what axles to replace mine which are 36mm jdm 5 lug and have wasted a week and a half reading rudeness and far from the truth info. Y'all have a good day!


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Mar 14, 2009
yes mg discs or civic ep2 (i use civic ep2 on my ek4 on rear)

Reviving an old thread : )

Just recently upgraded the rear calipers/disks/pads on my EJ6 coupe.

Original swap was to EK4 rear trailing arms/calipers/disks/pads/hand brake cables

This has now been swapped out with the following
EK9 calipers and carriers
EK9 pads
Civic EM2 disks 260mm (still retaining 100 x 4 stud pattern)
EK4 hand brake cables retained

This was a direct swap, also upgraded to the 1" brake Master cylinder/servo from a EK9. Fronts are Hi Spec 4 pots with 300mm disks, which have been on 7+ years