The BME #618 LHD CTR Build


Jul 10, 2013

Hey everyone, I'm getting a bit antsy about my latest transaction and couldn't help getting the ball rolling with my newest journal.

I have always been an admirer of the EK9 CTR, and have long yearned for the chance to own one. But being from the US, we never had the luxury of having the Type-R Hondas (with the exception of the USDM ITR) shipped legally to our shores. Back in December, I purchased a 1997 DX hatchback and was beginning to plan and price out my full replica EK9 CTR/Track/Autocross build. The plan was to get the suspension built to the spec that I wanted, then slowly progress from there. Collecting all of the EK9 parts that I could, tear down the chassis, acid dip the entire thing, stitch weld everything, and have it painted and reassemble.

Well, that was my 4 year build plan (being that I am getting married next month I am on a stricter budget), about $20k of investment to get the car "feeling" like a LHD model that could truly represent the Type-R badge. Until about 3 weeks ago, that is...

While scouring the forum classifieds, I stumbled across a full EK9 Type-R LHD replica. It's not 100% complete, but the bones are all there. Someone had clearly poured a lot of blood sweat and tears into the build. While I was looking forward to having the satisfaction of building mine from the ground up, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this great of a head start.

I wanted to join to be able to take advantage of this community's knowledge of the B16B. I hope that the community can welcome me and help me to build this car into something worthy of wearing the red badges.

The vehicle is being shipped across country in the next 2 weeks, but here are a couple of the pictures that I have. I don't want to share too much until the car is in my garage, but I couldn't help starting the journal.


B16B Engine
Spoon Kevlar Intake Elbow
Spoon Ported 70mm Throttle Body
Ported CTR Intake Manifold
Spoon Adjustable Cam Gears
98-Spec ITR Exhaust Manifold and Shield
JDM-Spec Catalytic Converter
Mugen Twinloop Catback Exhaust
Yellow Painted Valve Cover
*NGK Ignition Wires - Mid-2014
*NGK Iridium Spark Plugs - Mid-2014
Replaced Timing Belt & Water Pump

S4C Transmission w/ LSD
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
Exedy Lightened Flywheel
JDM ITR Shifter & Linkages

Suspension, Bushings, & Mounts
Koni Yellow Dampers + Ground Control Sleeves (400f/500r)
Swift Rear Helper Springs
OEM Strut Top Mounts
Type R-X Front and Rear Strut Bars
CTR Front and Rear Sway Bars
ASR Rear Subframe Brace
Beaks Lower Tie Bar - Not sure if this is functional, it'll be removed if it isn't
Blox Subframe Rigid Collar Kit
Hasport Engine Mounts
Alignment - -3.0f/-2.0r , zero toe

Brakes & Wheels
ITR 5x114.3 Front & Rear Conversion
15x6 Authentic CTR Wheels (Street Setup)
205/50-15 BFG Rivals
15x8 Braid Fullrace Maxlight (Track Setup)
225/45-15 Hankook Ventus Z214
Password:JDM Front & Rear Slotted Rotors
Stoptech Street Performance Brake Pads
Muteki SR48 Lugs

Electronics & Tuning
Autometer Wideband AFR Gauge
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Dyno Tune by ProFunction

Genuine CTR Parts
- Red Recaro Seats
- Black Suede Rear Seats
- Red Carpet
- Front Door Panels
- Rear Quarter Panels
- Gauge Cluster
- Headliner
- Sun Visors
- Sunglasses Holder - To be sold
- 99-00 Center Bezel
- Floor Mats - Need to be modified with little stay pin
- Coin Tray Vent
- Black/Red Shift Boot
- Armrest Delete
Spoon Steering Wheel
NRG Locking/Quick-Release Hub
Spoon Shift Knob
Mugen Pedals
USDM Si Dark Gray Dash
*Wood/Carpet Trunk Floor - 2013
Cleaned Up Paneling for Rear Strut Bar Opening
*Any remaining trim - 2014
*Red Recaro Fixed Back Seat - Early 2015
*Custom-Fitted Half Cage - Early 2015
*Schroth 6-Point Harness - Early 2015
*Carbon Fiber Roof - 2016

Genuine CTR Parts
- Headlights
- Front Bumper
- Grille
- Front Lip
- Hood
- Fenders & Sidemarkers
- Folding Side Mirrors
- Side Skirts
- Slim Side Moldings
- Red Badge Emblems
- Rear Hatch & Factory Tinted Glass
- Rear Lip
- Window Visors
- Rear Spoiler
- Front Spats
- Sticker Badging
- Painted Championship White
Tinted Rear Windows
99-00 USDM Taillights
*Swap in 96-98 Model Taillights
*Radio Antenna Delete

Amsoil 10W30 Z-Rod Oil w/ EA Oil Filter
Amsoil Series 600 Brake Fluid
Amsoil ATF Fluid for Power Steering
Amsoil 5W30 MTF
Clutch Fluid Change

LED Headlight Bulbs

The #618 CTR is proudly sponsored by;

All Speed Innovations
2996 Henkle Drive
Suite J
Lebanon, OH 45036
(513) 228-0065

Here are the first of the parts to go on the car when it arrives.
400lb fronts and 500lb rears. I also have a set of swift helper springs on their way to help balancing the rear heights, I figure I should have enough play on the front heights in the lower mounting position. I'll find out soon enough.

I sprayed them down with some Boeshield to help with corrosion protection.


Once these are on, I am having a shop do a new tune on the car to adjust for the improved gas and change in elevation. They will also be doing a full alignment.

I already have a plan for how I am going to tackle the build for this car, but I am always looking for advice from the community!

The theme for all of my builds has been clean and functional, and I fully plan on carrying that out with this one!
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congrats on the buy. seems like one hell of a replica. can't wait to see more of it.
Thanks guys! The car is with the shippers right now, and should be here within the next 2 weeks!

Just ordered some Amsoil goodies to do the engine oil, trans, and brakes right when it gets here.

I can't wait to get my hands on it!

*Also added mod list to the first post*
So I'm looking into my wheel/tire options for the track...

I would like to get RPF1s, I have always been a big fan of these wheels. I am thinking the 16x7 +30 or +35?

What would be a good tire for these? 205/45 is not very common and my only choice would be Toyo R1R. If I can fit 225/45, then it opens me up for running the star spec Z2's which are also cheaper. But I worry that a 225/45 sidewall may be too tall and rub on everything...

Since the car is not my daily, do you think it makes sense to just throw a set of 205s on the stock 15x6 wheels and call it a day? The tire selection is significantly larger for 205/50/15...

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I received the new fluids on Friday.

10W30 Amsoil Z-Rod & Ea Filter
Amsoil Series 600 Brake Fluid
Amsoil Synchromesh MTF
0W30 Amsoil Signature Series (for my D16 EK daily)




First non-car related post...

Last weekend was my bachelor party, I had an unbelievable time. Night before, me and a few friends grabbed dinner at this awesome burger place in the city. Then started rooftop drinking at around 2pm, followed by a rooftop view baseball game at 6pm, then the rest is a big blurrrr.

Anyway, some pictures.




Car was delivered today! Pretty much exactly what I was expecting it to be.





Snapped a few pictures on my way into work.


Last night, my buddy helped me wash, claybar, and wax the car. Got a lot of little specks of buildup off of the finish, and were able to correct a good amount of the swirling. Eventually we'd like to hit it with some more aggressive polish, but this will do for now.

clay bar, 3 passes with polish, 1 coat of wax







P.S. I promise to get a real camera soon and start taking some nicer pics... The iphone is just not cutting it anymore.

Here are some more random shots from yesterday.




Took the car out after work today and got some better pictures of it in the daylight.

















Really nice reflection after the detail!


what part of america are you from looks really nice. ek looks unreal too
have you the steerin wheel sold already? really want a spoon steerin wheel
I am actually loving this steering wheel, as well... So I may end up keeping it. But I will let you know if I decide to sell it.

I'm in the midwest, it's not bad but the winters aren't the greatest. I'm out in more rural/suburban areas as opposed to the city. (1.5 hours from the city). I've identified my next place to take pictures downtown though!
that looks amazing man. how are you liking it so far ;)