Tegiwa Mugen intake replica into EG6 installed

Feb 19, 2008
I installed a Tegiwa intake into my EG6. The installation is not difficult the worst part is that you have to relocate the overflow tank and the best place i found was on the oposite side :rolleyes: I'm thinking in a better way but for now is the best solution i had found.

Apart from that everything is okay, the splash guard doesn't fit in the same position has on a itr but you can fit in other position doing the same job, the fan housing have to be trimed a bit because is no room for the intake maybe is good idea to use a slim fan.

About performance i felt it revs a bit quicker after ~6500rpm to the rev limiter, you can feel the engine breathing more free and the best part is definitely the noise is really really awesome, the vtec cross-over is amazing :clap:


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Nice intake! Maybe you could take some pics from underneath it to see how it is made. Is it connected to an cold air hose?
Good effort, looks good! Fitting these into an ek9 with a dualcore Rad also requires fan housing trimming.
i had the same issues on a EK but with the mugen one, rad fan had to be cut an the expansion tank had to be noved over
Looks good mate! although id replace the OEM intake pipe as the ridges/buckles and join dont help with air flow and create turbulence , i flow tested one a while back :)
I dont have them to hand, but i can get them, Was part of my uni work last semester.

It was compared to a smooth aluminium pipe. I didnt go as far as comparing the air movement into the cylinders and how the turbulence effected combustion. But basically at higher rpm the velocity of air was increased and the way the air exits the OEM pipe was in a much more disturbed manor and there for the engine will have to work a given percentage more, also the atomized fuel being injected will had a adverse effect on what it should be, only minor but its still there.

Its basically the ruts in the OEM, they down allow a smooth flow of air and make how id imagine small swirl pits, creating turbulence. This is only at high RPM but our engines depend on high rpm.

Looks great! Pitty they dont just fit in nicely without any modifications required!