Teggymuns Dc2

Saw this today when I was at japcom . Nice car mate , hadn't seen a DC2 in ages . Looks a good 1
Saw this today when I was at japcom . Nice car mate , hadn't seen a DC2 in ages . Looks a good 1
Thanks man! Hoping to pick it up on the 10th once everythings done.
Quick update, all new hardrace parts have arrived, car has been stripped down, all bushings and arms that needed replafed got replaced. Everything was nipped up and then the car went to autonek for an alignment. Once uts back it will get new front discs and ds2500 pads up front. Fluid flush with some race spec stuff and we are golden.


Fraser at japcom also gave me a crash course on tire fitting too so the part worn ao48s went onto a pair of te37s i got from andrew joyce.
Well thats the dc2 back from japcom basically ready to rock on track. Full alignment with the new hardrace parts at automek then i had the front discs and pads changed and the brake fluid changed to millers race stuff. Opted for pagid blank discs and the ds2500 pads i had purchased beforehand.


After the car got a final check over and the bill was paid i was on my way and the car feels fantastic!

I also tire chalked the track wheels, think ill re do the p1s too. Cant reccomend fraser enough for all the work hes done in this short time.
Finally getting the chance to give the teg its annual detail. Only a month later than usual. I like to give it a full decontamination and wax after its motd and then just foam wash and spray wax any time after that.

Usual formula, foam wash, iron fallout, de tar, clay bar then finish with colinite and rainx on the glass as im out of the H2go i usually use.

I also gave the car a good hoover out as its spent the winter being a climbing frame for my daughter the inside was full of garage dust. I never use interior finish because i hate the dash being shiny but i did use some apc on the steering wheel and door cards. I never got pics of the inside though.
I then decided to re do the tire writing on the p1s and try the te37s up front for the pending track day.
Not much left to do now, purchased a tool bag, got myself some octane booster as reccomended by @Vtec6000 due to the low quality fuel in ireland. Also got a spare couple litres of oil, spark plugs, oem honda dizzy cap and rotor and the oem pads recently removed from the car. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Im also taking over a b series rocker cover for @terry_em1 and a set of te37s for another lad.