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Oct 2, 2013
98 jdm dc2, 85 ae86, 89 prelude
Its been 3 years since i broke my em1 for spares and around 2 years since i got rid of my champ white fn2. But im back in the honda game with what has been my dream car for almost 10 years! First uk owner, 138kkm on the clock and totally standard bar some cusco coilovers and a set of mugen pedals!
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Looks like a very good, clean example. I'm sure that you will have great fun with this DC2.
Since my purchase was during covid ive never been able to take the car any further than the local supermarket so ive just been tidying odds and ends up and buying parts to get the car the way i want it. Firstly i contacted tegiwa for a spare key as the car only came with one i still need to get it cut. Then my birthday came up and my fiancee got me some oem rear brace ends, a spoon rear view replacement and a front plate bracket!



I also got some new rear speakers ans housings as my dc2 never came with them from factory, apparenrly you could get a no option model with no audio, clock or airbag. Ive still to get myself a stereo and eventually id like to upgrade all the speakers to make those long trips more enjoyable.


I also got a bar for my brace ends and got it fitted. Excuse the untidy boot liner, im actually going to get a plastic boot tray at some point to keep everything protected! More updates incoming once i sort pictures out.
Next up i wanted to get the car serviced as all the history of the car is in japanese so i got a full set of filters and a couple gallons of oil and got it done as soon as i had a few hours spare. I also got a genuine honda timing belt and water pump which i will get done at some point. After that i had a real craving for some nice wheels te37s and se37s were my main choices with ce28s coming in hot as a 3rd choice, and as chance had it a perfect set came up locally so i went and picked them up! I also ordered myself a set of rays nuts and centre caps



Once i got them on the car i realised it was way too low on the cusco coilovers which i couldnt get adjusted up because of the age of them so i ordered some 195 45 16 pilot sport 3s and got a set of spoon progressive shocks and springs and now the car feels amazing on the road (essential journeys to the supermarket ofcourse). That is, until the lockdown restrictions were relaxed and i took it on its first decent drive since getting it and after i got to full heat i discovered i was losing power in lower revs! I was not happy as the dealership mentioned it had an ignition fault which they had fixed so i couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. I decided to contact fraser at JAPCOM to see if he could find oit what the issue was and within 10 mins the issue had been identified and fixed. It turns out the dealership had replaced what would have been a faulty distributor for a cheap off brand civic distributor, as it happens fraser had 2 of them in stock and had it fitted in no time at all, the difference was night and day, instantly noticable with a lot more low end pull than i was used to and a much smoother power delivery through the revs. I cant thank JAPCOM enough for their help as they printed off an invoice and advised me to contact the dealership and demand to be re embursed for what it cost to get the issue repaired so thats what i did and i got every penny back with little to no resistance from the dealer at all. Pic bellow of a proper oem dc2 dizzy vs the cheap knockoff u had on the car before.
Looks real nice man

p.s those rims suit your motor better than mine, loving the centre caps btw

also great choice with the Spoon progressive kit, one of the best options for a road car imo
Looks real nice man

p.s those rims suit your motor better than mine, loving the centre caps btw

also great choice with the Spoon progressive kit, one of the best options for a road car imo

Thanks man! Im loving them but the chunky tires had to go, i need to get my drivers arch re painted as it rubbed a bit of the inner edge. Yeah im really happy with them, it feels like thats how the car should be whereas before you knew it had coilovers on it.
Those distributors, i see the casting is a different shape but any numbers etc on the oem one? I need to track down a genuine one as a spare.
Those distributors, i see the casting is a different shape but any numbers etc on the oem one? I need to track down a genuine one as a spare.
I didnt notice any numbers on it tbh, the guy i got mine from had it on his dc2 so he knew it was in perfect working order
Not much of an update but i finally got the time to get the car washed, de tarred and a couple of coats of collinite 845 onto it to seal it. Good an excuse as any to take photos



I also won a set of staggered sprinthart cp on ebay but they need some work 15x7 et35 and 15x7.5 et30 but should clean up well. Unsure wether ill keep them but we will see!


Ill need to try and find original stickers once they are polished and painted too!

Finally got my timing belt changed on the teg past night, all oem parts used. big thanks to @RyanSi for sorting that out for me as id be completely lost with doing it myself. The old belt seemed to be really fresh but better safe than sorry, now i can give it some without worrying about expensive things happening
good to see she’s getting the proper TLC that these cars need man, she’s looking clean AF, keep up the good work
good to see she’s getting the proper TLC that these cars need man, she’s looking clean AF, keep up the good work
Thanks man! Next up is some paintwprk, because of how low it sat when i got the ce28s its buffed paint off the rear arch on the inside and cracked paint on the fold so its next up before it starts to rust. Baby steps though, it was bought to be used not garaged so im fine with stone chips ect but i need to keep the rust away best i can
Quick update just so i dont lose track. Finally got a parcel shelf to cut out that road noise from the boot! Ill eventually get round to fabric dying the rear bench and parcel shelf to tidy it up.

Got to stretch her legs a bit last weekend when i went to see about getting some of the paintwork sorted.

I then noticed i was having idle issues and the car developed a misfire which turned out to be condensation in the distributor cap so i ordered a new cap, rotor and a cheeky decat from tegiwa and got them all installed. Thanks again to @RyanSi for the help.



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Been a while since i updated so here we go!
Decided to go back to the oem wheels so they got some ad08rs and stuck on, i recently sold the ce28s to put some cash back in my pocket.

I then changed the oil, filter and fitted oem plugs before heading do SOS motorsport to meet ap performance for a mapping session.


The car made 197.6 hp with just a decat! Everything else is totally standard and it has transformed it completely! I cant thank ap enough for the work hes done.
Since mapping the clutch has went bye bye so im booked in with automek next week for a new oem spec clutch and then i have some koni yellows to fit with my spoon springs. The car will then go to the bodyshop for some bits and bobs to get tidied up. By then it should be ready for some summer driving before the gritters come out again.
Just got the car back from automek after putting it in to get the clutch looked at. Turns out the friction plate had gone. Luckily the flywheel is still in good condition, ended up going for an exedy oem spec replacement. While it was in i got a gear fluid change, a spoon magnetic gearbox plug and energy suspension shifter bushings. Car runs sweet now thanks to andy at automek!




Couple bits bought for the teg this week, a genuine etc reader from http://sweettooth-jp.com/ and i managed to find out the original number plate from when it was in japan and my partner got a shop on etsy to make up a set for me.

Heres a video of the ETC reader after i fitted it. I connected it to the "ignition switch" and "ground" wires for the radio.

I plan on giving the car a good clean and then ill get the plates on for some photos at some point, c&c welcome.
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Quick update, got mtec front discs and oem pads + rear discs, new rocker cover, bonnet stay clip, washer bottle cap and dip stick all oem honda. Took the chance to clean the engine bay while i was in there. Not perfect but it will do!