Spoiler / Rear Wing Removal


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Sep 27, 2015

Had to remove mine today so thought I'd make a quick guide.

First you need to remove the upper boot trim, it's the rectangular plastic trim in the centre, see picture below.
Be careful as the trim can be brittle and crack. I pulled gently pulling out a clip at a time.
These are the clips that hold the trim on.

Now the trim is off you can see there are 4 10mm headed nuts that hold on the spoiler, 2 in each corner.
Remove these using a 10mm socket.
Picture below is an example of one of the nuts.

Once you have removed all of the nuts the spoiler will feel loose, but hold on! In the centre of the boot is a rubber grommet
Remove the grommet, and behind it you will see a plastic clip with two tangs.
Push the tangs in and this will release the centre of the spoiler.

Then gentlly remove the spoiler, sometimes there is double sided tape holding it down also.

This is the little clip, very easy to damage the clips mountings if you don't push in the tangs.

There we are! All done, installation is reversal of the guide. You may want to use new double sided tape though.

And to split the wing from the base plate, undo the 4 10mm nuts (2 either side) and prise the two apart.

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Mar 10, 2008
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