My starlight black pearl facelift ek9

joe storey

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Sep 5, 2017
Flamenco Black Pearl Facelift EK9
Hey everyone, this is 1999 starlight black pearl ek9
Spoon sports rockercover
Spoon sports HT leads
Spoon sports steering wheel
Spoon sports TI shift knob
Spoon sports reservoir socks
Spoon sports mirrors (Not fitted yet)
Spoon sports spoiler (not fitted yet)
Spoon sports n1 muffler with bung (also have a spoon street muffler)
spoon sports intake elbow
Spoon sports panel filter
Spoon sports front and rear strut braces
Spoon sports tiebar (not fitted yet)
Carbon fibre bonnet(not fitted yet)
Ebach 25mm black series springs(not fitted yet)
Tall pines racing detent springs
Apexi n1 b pipe
Tegiwa 2.5” manifold
Recaro professional bucket seat with buddy club rail
Passanger recaro spoon rail
B-C piller braces
Loads more parts coming including wheels