Mugen rear strut bar

Hey SpoonCtr.
Who told you this is Mugen bar? Some Guy on E-bay? For 20$?
I have Mugen bar for EK-9 and I don't have this YELLOW bar holder?

I have a genuine Mugen strutbars (front &rear) and the rear part has a gold bar holder. :)

it's a replica! real Mugen is one piece!
I want that link also!

There was a Gen 1 & Gen 2. One of them is 2 piece. :)
I was going to say, my strut bar dosnt have a gold plate....but mine has been sitting for 6 yeas in its box LOL
Im going to find the instructions.....but now that i think about it, it didt come with a template or that seal......
THAT IS NOT A REPLICA BAR, i can give you 1 reason, its on SpoonCTR's car, anybody who has been on this forum since its early stages knows spoonsctr does not f*ck around with fake parts, please don't insult the man.
hi, i was just wondering if anyone managed to find these templates anywhere? thanks, Dan
I know this is an old thread. Anybody have that template?