Mugen EK9 Honda Civic Type R


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Apr 15, 2006
Beautiful car, lets create the list of mods, I think the price range of all the mods its more than 10,000 $ !!!!

List of mods:

Mugen MF10 Wheels
Mugen Valve Cover
Mugen Strut Bars
Mugen Shiftknob
Mugen Pedals
Mugen Bucket Seat
Mugen Intake
Mugen Header
Mugen Body Kit
Mugen Complete Exhaust System
Mugen Suspension
Mugen Radiator Cap
Takata Harness
Mugen Radiator Cap


Let me know if I miss something :woot:





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Mugen MF10 2500 $
Mugen Strut Bars 500 $
Mugen Bucket Seat + seat rail 1300 $
Mugen Pedals 250 $
Mugen Suspension 1500 $

Thats one hella nice civic!
I bet it would cost a real load more...
It's nice, but I'm not into the whole "body kit" look.
But the Engine compartment is sikk!
Love the "MUGEN" on the cover.
Ye would be interested in all te perfomance mods but not on the bodykit! Front looks good but really not to sure on the rear bumper
personally think that looks awful. Some nice bits though, looking at mugen brakes myself
i had that kit on a red sir before thought it looked ok only i had the grille parts in rear bumper smoothed over.its made from fibreglass so pretty flimsy.spoiler i loved though!
that rear bumper is awful and the sideskirts too but the front bumper is nice:nice:

Mugen Pedals 250 $ :nerv:
i bought my niken for 12euros lol !!
how many were made does anyone know??

I seen one last year for sale from a private garage in Japan.

Black , Grade 4.5 , 32k klms and mugen service history! Sold for 18000 euro:shocked: