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Oct 16, 2012
So brought my new 9 today. Haven't got any pics yet, needs a good clean up first.
Cars on 102k miles with a stack of paperwork
Here's a rough spec ATM
Will slowly sort through this list as parts get sold/swapped out for the turbo conversion.

19 row Oil cooler
koyo Rad
3 gauges(oil temp,pressure and water)
Cusco zero 2 coil overs
d2 rear camber arms
hard race front camber arms
custom cat back
Mugen, manifold
dc2 airbox
4.7final drive
kazz 1.5way
spoon driver seat rail
brand new front discs
carbon Lorraine front pads
yellow stuff rears
Cusco lower rear brace
varis carbon bonnet painted CW with aerocatches.
Wedsport tco5's with federal rubber.

Managed to grab some pics. These are just during/after clay baring the cars paintwork. I haven't polished or waxed it yet. Wheels are in major need of a refurb but that will come.
Bear in mind this cars been a track car for atleast 4years. Seen the gravel afew times aswell. Driven how they where built to be!

Cleaned the coilover threads up to check the condition and to adjust the fronts, was abit too low IMO
Been on the car 4 years and where brought 2nd hand, threads still look like new lol


Swapped the normal crash bar over for my lightweight one. Should help offset the weight of the intercooler/charge piping.

Also half sorted the exhaust. Was the same custom catback I had on my b18 ek9. Fiddled with the mounting now sits nicely.
No pictures yet.

Will leave you with an under bonnet shot, not cleaned up or anything as it is ATM

Mugen manifold will be for sale in a few months. Also the dc2 intake.

Turbo kit has been ordered! Go-autoworks street kit with T3/T04B option.
More about that when it arrives.

Been refurbishing the oem wheels this week, they aren't 100% mint as it was too much work to get them all 100% but they look much better now!
In the conservatory

Close up

Also recut and styled the exhaust tip as it stuck out too far for my liking. Here's how it looks now

Last but not least I've put the vin plate from my old ek9 here.
So the car still lives on and can come to the track with me!

Got a decat through the post today so got to work fitting that, no pics but it's a decat lol
Then got abit more of the exhaust tip finished from last week

May wet sand it abit more to get a shine but I'm happy with it ATM.

So big update!
Turbo kit has arrived! Seems to be good quality also! Was half expecting to be your usual kit but it's actually rather well made by the looks of it!
Comes with top quality TIAL wastegate and BOV, a really thick intercooler nicely welded exhaust and boost pipes. All good stuff so far!

Also got a competition clutch stage 2 (Kevlar) through the post, so got that fitted along with my new breather set up(rear block ports into a catch can.
Also put my lightened flywheel on whilst I was there.
The clutch is just like OEM in pedal feel, was expecting it to be alittle heavier but it isn't.

Looks like I missed a bolt but I didn't(top centre) 6 bolts came off and 6 went back on.

Walbro 255 fuel pump goes in tomorrow along with a wash and polish

Got the fuel pump in,
Got the refurbed wheels on and a quick jetwash, didn't have time to polish and wax.

So quick recap of the weekend.
Turbo kit arrives
Lightened flywheel and cc stage 2 clutch installed
New breather set up installed
Refurbished wheels fitted
Quite a productive weekend!

Teaser pic!

So afew more pics of the build/kit.
I'm not really the arty type with the photos but you get the idea

Skip to my next reply for more pictures.

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Oct 16, 2012
The rest of the photos.
I've hit the image limit on the first post lol

Didn't wrap the whole way round the exhaust because the oil return comes quite close. Didn't want oily residue etc sitting in the wrap.

Afew more bits done, basically ready for the map now.

Avcr boost controller all wired up and functional

New gauge pod with aem wideband gauge, thinking either get or intake temps for the other side.

Quick shot of the other gauges while I'm here, oil pressure,temp and water temp. Stepper motor gauges with alarm functions etc

Intercooler fits pretty nicely, was hoping it would look alittle more stealthy than this but never mind lol

Nice shot of the whole kit together fitted

Had alittle drive with the boost hose disconnected. It does get up to temp pretty quick but no overheating.
Took the tape of the oil cooler and it holds a steady 75c both water and oil, heat soak on the Intake pipe could be an issue, got some gold reflective tape to cover that.

Did a boost leak test and found two leaks from boost hoses, fixed them and also did a compression test.
I knew the engine was fine prior to fitting the kit as it's always been pretty powerful and never burnt oil, wanted to put a number on it so I can see how the turbo is effecting the engine.
Test was with the engine cold and the throttle closed.
Numbers where
Cylinder 1 - 220
Cylinder 2 - 208
Cylinder 3 - 212
Cylinder 4 - 212
Engine is on 102k miles so I thought this was pretty good!

Then decided to do a warm test with throttle open

I noticed the boost and intake pipes where getting alittle warm, so I did this

Gold reflective heat tape. This is one roll of 15ft. I'm hoping this will help intake temps at the track and I think it looks pretty cool lol

So had the map done today, a little breakdown of communication meant I had to wait awhile for romain to show up.
Got the car strapped to the dyno and the tuning began, was weird to hear the car boosting and seeing an ek9 lol
Anyway romain said that the spec is pretty perfect for what I want and that I shouldn't change or do anything other than take it to the track.
Here's the dyno graph

278.9hp and just about 175ftlbs at 0.6bar
Haven't had the chance to give it some stick due to weather and traffic but from the full throttle in 5th that I've done it pulls nicely!
Not a massive torque mountine you see with most turbo cars but a nice progressive climb.
Sounds pretty cool aswell with the screamer pipe!
Got 3 different boost settings
0.6 bar - 280hp
0.5 bar - 265ish hp
0.4 bar - 250 ish hp

New update!
Imported a rear diffuser and some funky sideskirts.
The idea of the skirts is to limit the amount of air that can get under the car.
I then set about washing it.
Wash,compound and wax later and it looks like this!

Pretty happy with it tbh.

Trackday at last!! Been 6months to the day since I wrote of the best track car I've ever owned(old b18 ek9) and my first trackday since then. I need to rework my heel-toe and get abit more confidence in the braking zones again but not too bad considering I don't think, I was chuffed when my left foot automatically went for the brake pedal at the right times on track. So not got to relearn that.
Took the car to Bedford autodrome and did the GT circuit, 3.8 miles with a decent sized back straight.
I had to run low boost and keep lifting for the sound meters because Bedford is very strict on noise and I have a screamer pipe lol
The car ran very well on 0.4bar(approx 250hp) not sure the tyres could handle the full 0.6(280hp) after afew laps.
Was running federal 595rsr for the first time, found them very good when they where cold/cool, gave a very noticeable feeling through the wheel at the point of understeer. But they soon over heated the fronts and that feel went away. So it's looking like a proper set of semi slicks for me next!
Temps stayed pretty stable considering it was a good 25c day out in an airfield.
After 17mins hardish driving the oil was at 118c and the water hit highest of 95c on the long straights but soon stabilised back down to 90 in the braking zones/corners. I would probably want a full size triple core rad for the full 280hp on a track with lots of straights so that's another thing to look at.
The other issue was breathing, it was filling the oil catch tank half way after 20mins so that needs to be addressed before I go out again.
Luckily enough I found my brake setup to be adequate enough for this power level, although they did get very hot they continued to work and got zero fade, although I wasn't really attacking the braking zones too much on this day.

Overall very happy with the cars setup so far, a better tyre and breathing and I should be able to hit the ring with some pace in August. Very very happy with the cars reliability so far. A lot of people will give you a weird look or something when you tell them you've boosted your stock b16b, people think they are unreliable and a time bomb waiting to happen due to the compression etc. well on Monday it ran just like it did N/A. Zero oil used/burnt(over 100k miles on engine!) zero issues with the turbos inlet/outlet gaskets(was expecting these to blow out from previous experiences)
Goes to show(touch wood) that the right parts/setup with a good conservative tune that these 16b's can handle some boost!

Here's a video for being so patient and reading all that crap!

So now it's
Maybe cooling should budget allow
Then it's hit the ring and see what she's made of!

Update 31st July 2014
After Bedford I've been working on the breather setup, was skint so went with bolt in AN fittings and got a friend to modify my old catch can, so I'm now running two ports from the valve cover and 2 from the block with the 2nd block fitting also acting as a drain back for now.
This should sort the breathing out nicely.
Also painted the cover while I was there as it was showing its age!

I'll be getting proper clips for the breather lines but this works for now.
Seen afew modified evo's with heat tape on the cam covers and had some spare, so gave it ago lol
Covers painted Milano red.

Was done on the cheap but it's functional and that's what I'm after.
The new tyres also arrived, dunlop dz03g in 195/50/15.
Will let everyone know what I think of these after the ring trip.

Drove less than a mile on the tyres and picking up stones already

Shot of my track wheels, wedsport tc05 15x7 et 31 front and 15x6.5 et 30 rear.

Also I've been playing around with the go pro, wanting to get some bumper cam footage at the ring to try and help show how bumpy the steep the track is. The cabin footage really doesn't show the speed etc
Fiddling with an external mic so I can cut out the wind noise and hopefully get a decent engine note.
struggling alittle though because the filter/screamer make so much noise lol
Here's two alittle videos
First had the mic right infront of the air filter

2nd has the mic Inbetween the filter and the screamer

I'm going to try the mic further away from the noise makers and see if it makes the sound alittle more pleasant.
So that's it, next update will be from the ring trip with hopefully a few good videos!

I lied, next update is before the ring lol
Had play in a trackrod end so changed both sides out, then notice I had a leak from the clutch master cylinder, put brake fluid all over the inside of the firewall.
This ruined part of the paint.
So been cleaning that up and replaced the cylinder today.

Cleaned up all the paint and painted over with hammerite smooth to protect further.

Then cleaned up the rest of the paintwork on the floor to keep it fresh.

After that was done I cleaned the carpet with some rug doctor and a jetwash, came up ok.
Also fitted a bucket seat ready for the ring

Not your usual brands you see in civics but I like FIA approved stuff that's got to keep me safe on track.
This should defo be it now, next update should be Nurburgring action!

Ok so where to start lol
Had issues with driveshaft/cv joint a week before the ring trip.
Left me stranded on the a2 just passed bluewater as the driveshaft popped out.

Took the cv joint apart and noticed these odd markings.

Appears that the bearings inside have managed to "jump" out of their cage this locked the cv in one position, causing it to pull the shaft out the box. How this Is even possible is beyond me.....
So replaced with tegiwa shaft and has been fine since.

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Oct 16, 2012
Now onto ring trip!
I'm sure you've all heard the news about the engine, well I'll start from the beginning of the trip and come to it.
Got to the ring with little fuss, first two laps where wet(first lap was torrential)
3rd lap(first dry lap) was great to feel the cars extra power and exploiting this power was fun to say the least. lap-time was only an 8:40 due to it being the first dry lap. Learning the new power, braking real early and coasting far too much where the reasons behind such a slow lap. I was also getting stuck between 3rd and 4th for a lot of the corners and not really sure which gear to be in, this would have been fixed with more laps/experience in the car.

Video of 3rd lap

4th lap,
Got caught into abit of a battle with 2 caterhams and an e46 m3. I let the caterhams through when I should have really just powered away from them and then the m3 caught us up on traffic so let him through. They then continued to get in the way the whole lap. Was massive fun though following them through the twisty sections.
This lap was 8:51, slowing down for caterhams to pass, then getting slowed down towards the end.

4th lap video

Ok so lap number 5!
Was getting into it alittle more by now and was ready to start braking later and not coasting etc, came out of the cones to start the lap 2nd through to 5th gear full power down into the first corner around 110-115mph, check rear veiw for any faster cars jumping down the inside and just see blue smoke everywhere!
Yep disaster had struck! No warning, no odd noises or vibrations just blue smoke and a lose of power.
Managed to pull the car into the old pit exit and push it back up into the old pit section to get recovered. Opened the bonnet and oil is everywhere! At this time I'm thinking ****, must be a hole in the block or something. Turns out the turbo/pistons energy essentially pressurised the crank case and this spat oil out of the breather system and all over the underside of the bonnet/engine bay.

Adac then refused to bring the car back home on the grounds that they think it's only worth 800-1000euros. After along time telling the lady in the phone it's worth atleast 6k she just kept laughing at me and refusing to allow me to prove it to her. She then said that she refuses to discus the situation any further and put the phone down on me.

So if you've got Adac and your car is an ek9/dc2 or anything they aren't likely to know what it is don't bother with Adac.
Now this meant that I had to et the car home, so me and dad borrowed a trailer and headed back to collect the car from the hotel.

Still looks beasty even on a trailer!

Stripped the head off and was greeted with this.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you are dying to say "I told you so" about boosting a b16b for track work. But after afew pictures and a convo with romain he thinks I've had an injector failure more than the engine can't handle the boost.
The only cylinder with damage to it is cylinder 3, the others aren't damaged to this extent and there are zero signs of detonation on any cylinder.
So the feeling ATM is injector 3 either stopped firing or atleast stop flowing fully and this caused cylinder 3 to run lean and subsiquently run very hot.
The piston clearly expanded and started scraping the bore and obviously melted the piston.

So the plan....
Plan is to get a b18c crankshaft and buy forged b18c pistons and rods. This will mean I'm stroking the b16b block and going slightly lower compression to suit the turbo set up alittle better. Makes financial sense over buying custom b16b rods as I'll get more displacement this way which will help with making more power at the same boost level and spool characteristics etc.
This will take a long time, obviously it's an expensive step to take with a build that's already cost me a lot of money. I'll be building the engine myself so will have to take my time over it anyway. So the next track based updates won't be until early next year at a minimum. Just lots of engine parts/building pics for now.

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Dec 24, 2009
Congradulatuons bro, send me some dates of track and i will book them off work. Any pics on fb?. Who owned the 9 last? Matt ek9?


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May 27, 2008
You just couldn't stay away eh? Love it, look forward to seeing some pics!

I'm sure that diff will be pretty wild.

How do the zero 2's feel?


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Oct 16, 2012
I've not actually driven it yet lol no insurance ATM.
From pulling the car into the drive the diff is pretty aggressive and locks with minimal torque input.
I've given the car a wash and managed to clay bar over half the car, got work soon enough so had to stop.
Not sure on the spring rates on the zero 2. I've heard they are only 8f and 5r?


Sep 11, 2008
Sounds very nice dude. Glad to see you got yourself another!


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Oct 16, 2012
Nothing as of yet, not sure what he's thinking, probably r32 gtr.


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Oct 16, 2012
Pictures up,
Got 440cc injectors coming.
Any recommendations for a clutch? Don't want paddle clutch. Power goal 270hp torque is likely to be about 200ftlbs

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Oct 16, 2012
Don't want a paddle clutch. They are overkill for 200ftlbs IMO.


Ek9+Turbo+Nurburgring= Heaven
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Oct 16, 2012
That's an option. Will keep looking about though.

matt o

May 28, 2008
get the ac i had jesse is spot one dont ask me what one is in my build,