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  • hey man,

    It's Chris met you and your da at kirkistown the other week he was saying about at b16a2 he has, by anychance does he still have it

    Thanks Kris
    Hi Kris,

    It's Jim from England with the DC2. I did drop your Dad a e-mail about the V5 but I havn't had a reply yet.

    We forgot to fill it out, if you could get it filled out and posted back to me I can sign it and forward it on straight away.

    well its a costom job but it looks like a spec 2 :) its lifted up now was way to low. if you know any selling ej9 let me know looking a diff one.
    hey dude im new to all this you will prob no the car when you see it. check out my pics tell me what you think. love the new wagon.
    i found them at 580 euros!!! what's your opinion?? am i going to buy them or not?? my country's roads aren't the best
    hi man i have an ej9 and iwant to buy some skunk2 pro s coilovers and wanted to ask you about the quality ride with them. i don't want my car to be very bouncy i just want to it to handle well. i'll be waiting for your answer!!!
    add me on msn... say wot u want bout the addy i used t drive a mk1 clio lol
    aye was that u in the white 1 that parked beside es? i got the steeleys on cos a wrecked a rim racin lol
    yo man wer u at that car show in BnQ in ballymena on sunday? wuda told u bout it but i only found out an hour b4 it started lol.
    **** dude uve done well wit that car... wer u get the seats? id love a set of red recaros
    hey man i chekcd out ur civic and i was wondering if u got the sunroof done by a garage or something
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